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You Can Camp With Toddlers; Here’s How

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Is camping with children …- and having a fun time of doing it …- possible? Experts weigh in, and their answer is yes. With a few simple adjustments, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation with young children …… even infants and toddlers. What are the best ways for new parents to bring young children camping?

Be Prepared (Hint: You Need A Pack n’ Play!)

If you forget a pack n’ play, you’re going to have a bad time. A pack n’ play, or a portable playpen, will keep your infants near you at all times, while also giving you the freedom to start a fire or prepare dinner. “Take a pack n’ play. Otherwise it’s just dirt — they’re eating dirt, sniffing dirt up their noses,” a mother of two warns. Remember, with a portable playpen dirt doesn’t have to be a problem. Some models also double as a cushion or a bed.

Start Small, and Work Your Way Up

Don’t just dive right in. Start simple by opting for RV rentals or used campers. Discount RV sales are also a great way to snag a reasonable price. Small campers or folding campers will help infants and others become accustomed to camping; they will also provide you with a solid, dry place in the event of rain. Young children are likely to sleep better in an RV, too.

Know Your Top Priority: Your Children’s Safety

Campground officials remind parents to get their priorities in order. Do not take your eyes off of young children, infants, or toddlers, even for a second. Kids can easily get into trouble -… or get into things they are not supposed to …- within minutes.

Look out for RV sales. Slowly introduce toddlers to camping with an RV or camper, and don’t forget a portable playpen. More can be found here: www.midstatescampers.com

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