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How to Decide Between Private and Public Schools

What is the difference between public and private school curriculum and education in general? Parents need to consider the following aspects when deciding which institution to enroll their child in.

1.Funding for public schools come from taxes, meaning you’ll have less out-of-pocket expense to pay. On the other hand, private schools rely on donors and funds from tuition fees. So, you’ll have a higher out of pocket expense.

2.Class Size and Degree Options Public schools are typically larger so they’re going to have larger class sizes. This makes it hard for one-on-one relationship with the professors, but offer more degree options to pursue. For private schools, class sizes are typically small allowing you to have one-on-one relationship with a professor, but with limited degree options for students to choose from.

3.Social Aspect
Public schools have large campuses that feels more like a town than an institution and offers more extracurricular activities for students to engage in. Private schools have fewer activities available to students but offer a tight-knit feel for building close relationships with friends and peers.

4.Religious Affiliations Many private schools are religious affiliated but this doesn’t mean they are embedded in the culture or the students are expected to practice it. Instead, some institutions require students to take a few religious classes.

The difference between public and private school curriculum is in regulation. Private schools don’t use curriculum and standards used in public schools.

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