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Four Signs That You Need Commercial Exterminators

No one wants to deal with pests. They’re dirty, they spread bacteria and disease, and they can be incredibly damaging. Termites alone can cause over five billion dollars in property damage every year. That’s staggering to think about! Infestations are unwelcome in homes or businesses, but you don’t always see those pesky pests. Termites can chew their way through internal walls and structures for years before anyone notices the damage they’ve done.

That’s why it’s important to know what signs you should be looking for when it comes to pests. Mice, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs – these are the kinds of pests you want to stop in their tracks before they settle into your homes or buildings. Let’s review four signs of pest infestation, so you can call commercial exterminators sooner rather than later.

Chewed Wood and Sawdust

Termites won’t think twice about devouring the wooden fixtures within the interior of your walls. If you notice spots of chewed wood or small piles of sawdust, this is one sign of infestation you don’t want to sit on. But there are other signs of termites, too, such as drooping drywall or loosening tiles. Pest control services will help to eliminate the termite problem within your home or building so you won’t have to wonder if you’re hearing noises in your walls.


There’s a reason that the saying “quiet as a mouse” has held on for so long. Mice are hard to hear! If you have old drywall walls or ceilings, though, you may hear scurrying and scratching around you. However, the biggest indicator of a rodent problem is the discovery of droppings. Mouse droppings are distinct in their shape and size – tiny, dark pellets that are often scattered in drawers or cupboards close to food. If you find droppings, call commercial exterminators immediately. Their expertise in rodent control will quickly solve your mouse problems, and they’ll be able to help you come up with a long term solution to keeping those pests out of your home for good.

Damaged Plants

Not everyone keeps house plants in their homes or buildings, but if you do, chewed leaves and stems are a sure sign of infestation. Insects and mice will happily munch away on plants when no one is around, so if your botanical buddies are showing signs of chewing, investigate right away. Damaged plants don’t always lead back to pests, but if you see another sign of pests along with damaged plants, don’t hesitate to contact commercial exterminators.

Dead Bugs

Termites, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs – insects don’t have an infinite lifespan, and some of these buggers will drop dead in obvious places. Keep an eye on your cupboards and drawers, especially where food is stored. If you find dead bugs in these dark spaces, it’s definitely time to investigate further. And maybe wash those dishes those insects crawled all over.

Pests are an unfortunate part of life, but they don’t have to rule your life. Commercial exterminators are experts at handling all kinds of infestations, so there’s no reason to share your home or building with nasty insects or dirty rodents. Help is just a phone call away.

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