Rentals for an Outdoor Events

A number of large gatherings and events may take place not only in a building, but under a large tent if the weather permits it. These are not to be confused with small, two-person camping tents; rather, event rentals include large tents that may house dozens of people under them, and such tents may or may not have fabric walls. For event rentals, these tents may have thick poles to support themselves, and the tough fabric can resist sunlight, rain, and other exposure. Parties, speeches, charity meals, and wedding events often involve such event rentals as linen fabrics, chair rental, table rental, and more. A lot of these items may be expensive to actually purchase, and often not necessary to purchase anyway. Rather, budget-friendly event rentals can be done for a wedding or a charity meal outdoors, and large tents are great first step. Tent rental and table rental, along with renting linens and chairs, may set up a lot of the necessary hardware before the event begins. How might event rentals be done just right?

Tables and Chairs

Someone handling the logistics of event rentals will of course need to know the square footage requirements of the tent to be rented, but this figure should not be roughly estimated hastily. A too-large tent is a waste of money, and a too-small tent cannot even house all of the guests at the same time. That is to be avoided, so a more precise method can be used to determine the necessary square footage for tent rental for a wedding or charity meal or event.

To begin with, the event organizers will make a head count of all people who will be in attendance. This may be coordinated with any and all personnel in charge of inviting and managing guests, ad this figure may vary widely. Some charity meals, outdoor festivals, or weddings may have as few as 30-50 people in it, and some brides and grooms today certainly opt for smaller guest lists for personal preference and keeping costs down. In other cases, an event may have several hundred people in attendance, and they need somewhere to sit. The total guest count must be made, and once this information is ready, the event organizers are ready for the hardware rental.

The event’s nature or the host’s preferences may dictate what sort of tables are used. A wedding reception may call for a number of round tables that seat six to 10 people each, or a charity event may have long, rectangular tables instead. This will vary from case to case, but should be determined before any tents are rented. Once the tables’ size and shape, number, and arrangements have all been determined, this also determines the necessary chair room. Not only should there be enough room for everyone to sit, but there must also be sufficient room for anyone to slide out their chair to get up or sit down. Tables cannot be too close together, in short. The event organizers must create enough room for everyone to slide chairs as well as walk in between the tables, so no one is blocked off. All of this together will determine the square footage needed for a tent.

With this data, the event organizers are now able to visit tent rental sites in their area and browse their options. The renters may visit these companies’ websites to get an idea of what they have in stock, but a rental should be finalized only after the rents have looked the tent over in person. They may check for strains, rips or holes, or any other issues with the tent. If everything checks out, the rental may proceed.


Rarely will bare wooden tables e used. Rather, after the event organizers have determined the number, shape, and size of the tables, they may also turn to linen rental companies to cover these tables with attractive cloths. It may be difficult to purchase all these linens, so instead they can be rented. The party organizers, or the bride and groom if it’s a wedding, may have their own preferences on material, color, and patterns for the linens. Silk, cotton, and more may be chosen in different colors, and some have lace, too.

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