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How Many Times Have You Moved in Your Lifetime?

This will be an interesting move.

After never moving home again after the summer following her freshman year in college, your older daughter has now been on campus for three full years. While the majority of her friends moved their belongings in and out of storage or back and forth to home, your daughter simply moved from one dorm room to the next. The fact that every time she switched dorms she was able to move into a bigger space made all of these transitions fairly simple.

At the end of this school year, however, you are tasked with helping your daughter move off campus for good. Upon graduation she will be coming home for the summer before she starts an accelerated in the fall. With little more than her four door sedan and your small SUV you are going to help your daughter leave her undergraduate life behind. Fortunately her sister will be moving to this campus next fall so you can rent a storage unit if you need. When you bring your younger daughter to college you can pick up anything your older daughter was not able to fit in the tow cars. This means, of course, that everything has to be pretty organized. At the very least, the college graduate will have to no what things she wants for the summer since anything that is left behind will be a full 12 hour drive away.

Residential Moving Services Often Provide a Valuable Resource

Whether you are moving to a new home across town or you are getting ready to move a student into a dorm room thousands of miles from home, there are many ways that you can make sure that your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Finding a residential moving service, for instance, can help you make sure that you have the manpower that you need to take care of the heavy lifting.
Even if you are planning to take care of an upcoming move yourself, it is important to realize that there are some tools and tricks of the trade that can make any relocation go better. For instance, a two wheel moving dolly is always an advantage. Even if you do not have that much distance between the moving truck and the home, a dolly allows you to easily carry more weight than if you were only using your body.

The latest research indicates that there are several indicators of how likely a person is to move. Interestingly enough, just as the college year is coming to an end and many students are moving home for the summer, there is a likelihood that if you finish a college degree you will likely be someone who is more likely to move in the future. In fact, College education is a key marker of the likelihood to move as 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once, compared with only 56% of those with a high school diploma or less. College graduates also are more likely to have lived in multiple states throughout their lives.

The average person moves 12 times in their lifetime, but if one of those moves was on and off a campus where you earned your degree there are likely more moves in your future!

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