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What a Home Buyer Should Keep in Mind

Anyone who does not rent their current living space is instead living in an owned home. The American real estate market today is enormous, and it has largely recovered from the 2008 crash. Today, the American real estate market sees a combined value of nearly $31 trillion among all homes, and every day, Americans are selling their properties or looking for homes for sale. Other Americans hire custom home builders to design and build their own dream home, and buying land is the first step. For other Americans, though, building a dream home may be a bit beyond them. Instead, they can look for homes for sale on the real estate market and also get help from real estate agents. Buying a house is indeed complicated and involves a lot of money and paperwork, but this process has some basic underlying strategies that a person can use when searching for homes for sale.

The Location

Real estate agents sometimes say that the tree most important real estate factors are “location, location, location.” While this isn’t literally true, someone looking for homes for sale will soon find out how relevant location indeed can be. A property is valued not just for the landscaping or the number of rooms, but also what may be found near that house. Properties found in more desirable areas will probably cost more, but in exchange for proximity to nearby attractions. For example, a family with kids will look for homes for sale that are near schools, parks, and shopping malls. The family may drive a car to these locations, or find a neighborhood near a convenient bus route. Other times, a family may move to a new house because of work. A person may move out of their current residence and to a new home because their job changed locations, so that home buyer will want to find a property near their new job. Moving for this reason is fairly common. In other cases, a home buyer will simply want nearby amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, cinemas, parks, and other attractions.


Another reason to find a particular home for sale appealing is the landscaping or remodeling work done on it. Many current homeowners choose to invest in remodeling and landscaping on their properties, and this can pay off in a big way. Investing in landscaping or interior redecorating can yield a high ROI, or return on investment, and allow the homeowner to sell their property for a higher price on the market. These properties tend to sell faster, too. Investing just 5% of the property’s value on landscaping can yield an ROI as high as 150%. Landscaping can vary from apple trees or shrubs and bushes to a wooden deck or a swimming pool. There may also be a wooden fence in place.

The inside counts, too. A home buyer may want a property that is fresh and up-to-date on the inside, which can make it more appealing and price-efficient to use. Bathrooms may have fresh tiles and wallpaper, not to mention new, low-flow toilets and shower heads that save on the water bill. The kitchen may have undergone remodeling to swap out cabinet doors, the stove, or even the countertops. This can make for a highly appealing kitchen for cooking, and some home buyers will love it. All of this may result in a higher asking price and some competition, but some homeowners will mainly want a freshly remade house like this. Remodeling and landscaping is effective for the seller and buyer alike.

Check It Out

A home buyer can browse homes for sale online and see photos and stats of homes for sale, but this isn’t the whole story. The buyer may want to visit the property in person, not only to “get a feel for it,” but also check for maintenance issues. Maintenance issues vary widely, but some common ones may involve termite damage, drafty windows or doors, drywall water stains, creaking floorboards, or leaking pipes. Some of these issues may be affordable to fix once the home is bought, but others may make the house unappealing, and the buyer may pass on the home entirely. The only way to be sure is to check.

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