Benefits of a home water filter,Bulk water,Residential water filtration system midland tx Your Drinking Water Might Not Be As Clean As You Think Installing A Whole House Filtration System

Your Drinking Water Might Not Be As Clean As You Think Installing A Whole House Filtration System

How often do you think about the water you drink?

Every glass of water you pour during a hot day or use to wash your hands has a lot of work behind it. Water is a dynamic element, able to become contaminated easily, even when it looks perfectly fine on the surface. Rust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, excess minerals…it’s a constant battle keeping water supplies safe for human consumption. When you notice your drinking water’s quality going down, for whatever reason, you need to step up to the plate as quickly as possible. This can mean looking up the benefits of a home water filter or just double-checking your hard water count.

Cleaner water is just around the corner. Let’s see what you can do to make sure you’re always enjoying a tall, crisp glass.

Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated

This might come as a shock, but chronic dehydration is one of today’s hidden epidemics. It’s estimated 75% of all North Americans are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it. A study explored the effects of water on headaches, with interesting results — participants experienced ‘total relief’ from their minor to moderate headaches by drinking two cups of water. Additional side-effects of chronic dehydration include fatigue, concentration issues, and nausea. When you look at America’s obsession with sugary coffee and energy drinks, it’s easy to see why we’re lacking!

Hard Water Is A Common Issue

Your drinking water should be clean and high-quality. Anything less could expose you to harmful elements that leave a long-term impact on your health. Hard water is a very common issue — according to recent studies over 85% of American homes have a hard water issue. This term is used to denote water that is high in mineral salts, particularly calcium and magnesium ions. You can tell whether or not you have hard water by the white scum that builds in your tub, bathroom sink, or kitchen sink.

Water Can Host Bacteria And Illnesses

It’s not just excess minerals to keep track of in your drinking water. A lapse in quality can expose your family to a wide range of invisible bacteria and illnesses, such as E.coli. More Americans than ever are being proactive about their water’s health and quality — the Water Quality Association found four out of 10 Americans use home water systems regularly. While your city works hard to provide you with a safe water system, it never hurts to be extra careful. A home water system can clean your water supply out further and give you peace-of-mind.

Check Your Water Yearly

Are you noticing bad tasting water whenever you fill up your water bottle? Are you worried about a possible breakout putting you and your family at risk? Check your water every year with the aid of an industrial water treatment professional. They can go deep into your local water supply or home filtration system to look for any possible gaps in quality. According to recent studies the United States sees at least 45 million people receiving their drinking water from private or household wells.

A Home Water System Is Useful And Reliable

Your drinking water needs to be checked on a regular basis. From excess minerals to bacteria and rust, there’s always something to be keeping an eye out for. Home water solutions include filters that can catch extra minerals, able to be cleaned out and attached to your faucet. You can also consider reverse osmosis for extra cleanliness. Bulk water might be tempting, but it’s an expensive investment that can really eat into your extra time.

Stay safe. Double-check your drinking water with a home filtration system.

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