Common Causes of Chest Pain

Chest pain is not only uncomfortable, but it can be concerning if you’re not sure of the cause. It can sometimes be caused by something serious and can sometimes be accompanied by breathing difficulties, but other times it might be something simpler.

If you are having chest pain there are a long list of things that it could be caused by. Some are cardiovascular issues while others are not. Take a look at the list below to see what issues might be causing your discomfort. While you may be able to identify a possible cause it is still wise to see a doctor just to be sure. You can visit a 24 hour urgent care location to get immediate assistance if the problem persists.

Non-Cardiovascular Causes

Sometimes pain in your chest can be caused by something that does not pertain to your heart. It could have to do with your lungs or esophagus. It could also be from several types of chest wall pain.

If you’re experiencing a burning pain that seems to be bubbling up from your stomach then you might be dealing with heartburn. It can sometimes lead to nausea as well.

Sharper pains that get worse with deep breaths could have to do with your lungs. Things like pneumonia, bronchitis, and pulmonary embolus can lead to pain like this. Pulmonary embolus will come with more intense symptoms like difficulty breathing, an accelerated heart rate, and possibly even coughing up blood.

Chest wall pain can be related to inflammation in cartilage around your ribs and rib fractures as well as a tumor from cancer that has moved to the ribs or chest wall, although this is a much rarer cause.

Cardiovascular Causes

Cardiovascular causes generally have to do with heart disease and angina, the clogging of arteries that supply your heart with fatty deposits.

Stable angina tends to be predictable and follows patterns that can help you keep it under control. However, unstable angina is best known as a heart attack and requires immediate medical attention. You would want to go to the nearest 24 hour urgent care location or emergency room in this case.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re having persistent chest pain it is usually better to be safe
than sorry. Visiting an urgent care facility can help you give you peace of mind and keep your heart healthy without having to wait days for an appointment.

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