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Choosing Lights to Complement Your Mission Furniture

One of the most on-trend looks for remodeling your home is mission: from mission style living room furniture to a quality mission style bedroom set. One important question to ask is what lights will best compliment our mission bedroom furniture or living room decor.

What Is Mission Style?

Mission style rooms use a lot of heavy oak and really take advantage of the grain work. The joinery in mission furniture is often exposed, and this is because the style puts a strong emphasis on craftsmanship: showing the joints allows quality to show.

What does this mean? In general, mission style rooms will be a little on the dark side, and they could be considered “busy.” Not in a bad way, but in a way that means you should choose lights that compliment rather than detract from this excellent decor choice.

Using Pendants

Pendant lighting is not only popular in general, but particularly so with a mission kitchens or living rooms. This is because the drop on the lights allows you to highlight oakwork or joints. At the same time, they provide soft light that compliments the style of the room.

Look for pendants of simple iron or a little ironwork that doesn’t distract from the style. Alternately, a well-designed “warehouse” style pendant can also be a great choice for a slightly different look.

Choosing Chandeliers

Forge style, sweeping chandeliers are another great choice to compliment your mission look. They can shed more light to enhance an area where you want people to gather—such as the kitchen table or the living room furniture—but without harshness. They can still allow you to put some well-placed shadows in other areas.

The key with chandeliers is to keep them from being too complicated or too bright. Chandeliers are lights that can easily overwhelm instead of compliment. Go for simple ironwork or a sweeping taper look in a lovely bronze.

Going With Flushmount

Flushmounts are inherently modern-looking, so be careful with this one. That said, these are a great way to highlight an area you want to draw attention to without making things overly bright.

The key here is simplicity. Simple bronze and iron lights are usually the best looks, and anything with a frosted glass shade will be a beautiful addition to your room

Interior designers tell us that we should think about updating the decor of any room once every 5 to ten years. If it’s time for you to start thinking about lights, tables, and rugs, consider how they will look with the furniture you’d chosen, and make sure they complement and don’t detract from the look you’re trying to achieve.

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