Living in Tampa an want own a home?

Looking for an upscale home in with a beautiful custom home design in the Tampa Bay

Or are you looking on where you want to start building a home? Well, Florida has the highest number of interior design firms in the U.S.

Moreover, there are about 1,536 individual businesses that specialize in interior design.

So there is no need to
worry about custom home design. As for an upscale home, you’re also in luck, because the average luxury price for a home in Tampa is about $975,000.

The median price will cost a buyer $1,436,594. This article will provide future homeowners with the best selection of homes with custom home design.

Devonshire Homes

Devonshire Homes Custom Homes really does live up to its name, because it does just that.

The custom home house plans bathroom lighting is a true spectacle. They provide modern elements.

For example, the types of lighting that the unit comes with include
ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

“Bathroom lighting is one of the most important design elements that will set your bathroom apart.” according to the website.

The bathrooms also include tub lighting, lighting fixtures, and overhead

Devonshire custom home builders will assist in customizing owners bathrooms.

They seem pretty qualified, to say the least, “The Devonshire Custom Homes staff includes veteran home builders as well as individuals with advanced degrees from heralded schools like the University of Florida,” Devonshire homes will do their best to cultivate new custom home design for any homeowner.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Arthur Rutenberg Homes has an exceptional design team with great ideas that will
impress any new homeowner.
They have a large myriad selection and finishes for the home. Here’s the best part of all of this is.
All of the displays, samples and swatches are available at the design studio.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes design team also offers a library of textiles, which are for customized draperies and bedding.

They encompass a vast variety of furniture brands. Fee-based services will include wall-covering, faux finishing, Finishing touches – art, accessories, area rugs, lighting, custom bedding Space planning, furniture selection, placement Window fashions – shutters, blinds, shades, and custom fabric treatments.

They want their clients to have the best luxury design possible.
The prices for the unit start at $655,000.

Bayfair Homes

Bayfair helps the customer in a matter of six phases. The first phase consists of assisting new owners in choosing a lot.

They usually take into consideration their specifications, guidelines, and desired price.

The second phase is design and development.

During design and development, they then converse with the client about what they want to put in their home, design styles, a number of bedrooms, hardscape, etc.

After that, they draw a schematic of the house asks the input of the clients.

Phase three deals with a contract.

Phase four is the selection process, where the clients are able to make decisions on how their house is being constructed.

Phase five is known as construction, which consists of new home construction and phase six which is a completion.

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