Bioidentical hormone therapy,Fertility clinic indianapolis,Hormone treatment Are You Experiencing the First Signs of Menopause?

Are You Experiencing the First Signs of Menopause?

It was the perfect kind of day right until it wasn’t.

Your family had attended church in the morning, with your husband ushering the early service and daughter teaching Sunday school during the middle service. When the morning responsibilities were done the three of you went out to breakfast at your daughter’s favorite place. With full stomachs, you headed back to church to pick up six of the 440 baskets of food full of Thanksgiving meals. Complete with turkeys, the meals you were asked to deliver were about a 30 minute drive from church.

You shared the gift of food from your church with families who otherwise may have struggled to have a big meal while the kids were out of school for the long holiday weekend. After the baskets were delivered you drove through a local coffee shop and your daughter ordered a cup of the daily blend. When it came time for her to order the pastry that she wanted, however, you lost it. Saying she was too cold to go in, your daughter insisted that the drive through would be fine. And it was right until your daughter asked the minimum wage worker to literally list off all of the available pastries that they had. You did not say anything at the time, instead deciding to be completely silent, but when you returned home the good day ended.

Looking back, your reaction was a little extreme. Calling your 17 year old daughter entitled and spoiled, insisting that because she was too cold to walk in and look at the available pastries herself she made quite the scene in the drive through. You lost it. Call it a mood swing. Call it menopause. Call it impatient parenting. Whatever it was, your husband wisely waited until later in the evening to bring up a conversation that you have already had on a couple of occasions. Would you, he wondered, be interested in talking to doctor about hormone therapy or some other kind of option that might prevent turning an otherwise perfectly wonderful day into a nightmare?

Menopause Solutions Often Take Some Time and Patience

If your family is long past the point of having patience for your mood swings and other symptoms, it is likely time for you to see if there are any hormone therapy options that might work for you. Too many women ignore the first stages of menopause and make the decision that they can deal with these changes themselves. When you are not feeling your best, and are making everyone around you completely miserable, however, it might be in your best interest to see hormone replacement therapy options might work for you.

Womens health doctors have a number of options that can help you make sure that you are more even tempered and that you are full of the energy that you once had. Nearly 90% of women experience perimenopause, which is defined as a period of altered menstrual cycles, before menopause, but not many of them take the time to consult a doctor. Because perimenopause typically lasts four years, in fact, many women slowly adjust to the wide range of emotions and body temperatures that they experience. This does not mean, however, that these women’s families do. Taking the time to see a doctor and see if there are any options that can allow you to stay more relaxed through what can be a difficult time is often in your best interest. Knowing that you feel as good at the end of a good day as you did at the beginning can make for many happier days.

The mean age at menopause is 51, but some women are in their 30s, and others in their 60s. And while most of them are ages between 40 to 58, many menopausal women find that there are advantage to asking about hormone therapy options. A local gynecologist or a womens health doctor can best advise you about the hormone therapy options that would work best for you.

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