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Conquering Your Home’s Clutter and Messes

American homes have grown in sizes in the last few decades, and this means more rooms and more space in which to store a dazzling array of items from clothes to kids’ toys to hobby equipment and much more. In fact, it is estimated that the average American home has 300,000 items in it, but not all of them are really needed, and some may be simply trash that was never thrown away. But there are easy ways to figure out what possessions out of those 300,000 are really needed, and what can go, and how to organize what remains.

The Problem With Messes

Even if a person is not a hoarder (which is a clinical condition and is used technically here), many people suffer needlessly from messes in the home. The Daily Mail has estimated that during a person’s lifetime, he or she will spend some 3,680 hours, which figures to 153 days, searching for misplaced items. Similarly, a person may lose an average of nine items every day, which totals to 198,743 in a single life. Losing these items can be upsetting or even dangerous, such as losing important keys or medicinal items, and even for more trivial items, losing one’s possessions is a headache that can be avoided through de-cluttering and organizing the remainders with furniture, like corner shelf organization or a nine cube organizer.

Tackle the Mess

A home’s cleanup overhaul begins with assembling items together by type into huge piles on the floor, since items get scattered everywhere and proper inventory needs to be taken. At this point, the person can automatically throw out all trash, and with the other items, figure out which are important and which makes the person happy and comfortable, and which are dull, redundant, or out of fashion, and give them to charity or recycle them. An item, after all, should either serve an important function such as keys or tools, and others like clothes, purses, decorative china, and collectible figurines should bring happiness to the owner. If they don’t, they’re discarded.

Once the clutter is gone, the items leftover can be put away in different furniture according to need and the rooms they go in. For the living room, dining room, or study, corner shelf organization is a good start. These corner shelves can be very attractive, based on their wood and paint, and can accentuate a room while holding decorative items such as china, glassware, or artwork. Long-buried china or other items may be cleaned off and get a new chance at life while sitting on these shelves, and corner shelf organization makes this possible. Short tables that go by couches or chairs can serve a similar purpose, along with shelves on the walls supported by corbels.

The bedroom is another place for organization to happen in. A closet cube organizer will instantly banish a confusing mess of clothes or hobby items in a closet and hold clothes, shoes, and more, and all these things will be in easy reach. Looking for bookcases online can allow delivery crews to bring a brand new bookcase, and into this furniture can go a person’s hardback and paperback books, recipe books, scrap books, and a few decorations to fill out the empty spaces. This can also be done in a study for more technical books. And storage cube systems can be used nearly anywhere, from the bedroom (clothes and shoes) to a kid’s room (toys and clothes) to any room where odds and ends like power cords and tools can be held and sorted sensibly there.

All this also applies to homeowners who pursue crafts and hobbies. Crafts such as sewing and quilting, pottery, assembling models and painting figurines, drawing, watercolors, and more, and all of these hobbies require supplies, from cutting tools to yarn to paint brushes. They have to go somewhere, and shelves, drawers, racks, and more can contain supplies and completed projects. Corner shelf organization can play a role, as can the use of stackable cubes or a three drawer organizer. These furniture items will typically be held in the same room where the hobbies and craft work is done.

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