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Gardening Is Growing In Popularity The Health Benefits Of Tending To Your Own Garden Nurseries

Garden nurseries are an almost magical place to be.

They’re a quiet place where you can shrug off the cares of the day and focus on little more than the feel of your hands in the dirt. They grow at a slow enough pace to seem negligible, then seem to sprout overnight with fresh herbs or budding vegetables. They are, simply put, an irreplaceable part of your life the moment they take root in your heart. When you want to add some peace to your life and enjoy a little boost in your ROI along the way, landscaping companies can help you build garden nurseries in your very own backyard.

If you could use some tips on growing your first plants or enjoying a high return on the investment, the list below is for you.

Gardening Is Growing In Popularity

You’re not the only one thinking of adding garden nurseries to the backyard. This peaceful pasttime is picking up in popularity all across the United States. A new survey provided by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals concluded across 2,000 respondents three-quarters of Americans find spending time in their yards very important. Food gardening and flower gardening has become the most popular gardening activity over the past few years, with one out of three households growing fruits or vegetables and another third growing flowers.

You Can Enjoy Growing Your Own Food

It stands to reason that garden nurseries are a great way to, quite literally, enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can try growing strawberries or plant some pumpkin seeds to celebrate the return of autumn. You can cultivate beautiful flowerbeds to decorate your fence or craft your very own teas. Both lawn and garden spending reached an impressive $35 billion back in 2015, according to the annual National Gardening Survey, and has done the hard work of bouncing back from the five-year low in 2014. What greater motivation than to fill up your dinner table with homegrown corn and tomatoes?

Gardening Is Very Good For Your Health

Here’s another wonderful benefit you can glean from your new garden nurseries…good, old-fashioned stress reduction. Gardening a few times a week has been closely linked with lower rates of anxiety and reduced blood pressure, right alongside a higher sense of self-esteem. When you spend your idle hours on a low-effort, yet involving task? It makes sense you would be in the perfect spot to patch yourself up after a hard day. The average homeowner today spends around four hours per week caring for their lawn or tending to a flower nursery.

Your Home’s ROI Will Go Up Immediately

Grapevine nurseries are a place to heal, a place to enjoy tasty food…and a place to boost your home’s value. A recent estimate found 90 million American households participated in do-it-yourself lawn and gardening activities last year, both inside and outside. That’s a whopping 75% of all homes! Most real estate agents today will point you to landscaping prior to sale if you want to get back the most money, as spending just 5% of your home’s value on new shrubbery or a plant nursery can net you an ROI of 150%. With so many benefits, waiting on landscape design just doesn’t make sense.

Garden Nurseries Are Enjoyable To Maintain

When it comes down to it, you just want a good hobby with good results. Garden nurseries breathe new life into your backyard and turn a standard lawn into scenic pride you can show off to everybody. Your home’s ROI will see a huge boost and you’ll have more than enough opportunities to dig, water and plant your way to relaxation. Landscape design ideas don’t have to be huge to start with, either. A small garden nursery for growing cherry tomatoes or a few new flowerbeds can be a great first step toward that virtual backyard forest you’ve been dreaming of.

Sprinkle a little magic in your life. Landscaping products are more than able to transform your dull yard into a personal paradise.

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