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Sweet Dreams with Waterproof Fitted Bed Sheets

If there’s on thing that we all have in common, it is the need for a good night’s sleep. As far back as Shakespeare, the subject of rest is important. He wrote of the mystique of slumber when he penned: “We are such stuff/As dreams are made on…” in ‘The Tempest’. And probably no one needs or wants a good night’s rest like parents of newborns and little ones.

Happy to report a wonderful product for parents of newborns and little children who are not yet bathroom trained or, also those who might be a bit older (since children aged 5 that still wet the bed number 15%). What is this product? It is soft, waterproof fitted bed sheets for children and baby waterproof sheets!

Colorful patterns, pretty prints and so many designs to choose from, soft waterproof fitted bed sheets add a dimension of practical fashion to and bedroom–but especially to baby’s bedroom. We all know that babies sleep a lot– in fact, newborns sleep a total of from 10.5 up to 18 hours per day. That’s a lot of changes! And waterproof fitted bed sheets, waterproof crib sheets for babies and waterproof for infants can help keep your baby comfy, cozy and contented (as well as helping you keep your sanity!).

Why are these waterproof sheets so soft? It’s all centered around the thread count. What exactly is thread count, you might wonder? It is basically an analysis of one square inch of fabric in which the number of horizontal and vertical woven threads are added up. The higher the thread count, basically, renders the fabric denser and more durable.

As pretty and as fun as these soft waterproof fitted bed sheets are, and they are so nicely designed and affordable, these waterproof sheets are also hypoallergenic. How fantastic! Now, hypoallergenic waterproof sheets for babies, kids and adults can brighten a room and carry everyone into a pleasant rest and bring them into a brand new day, refreshed and ready for what is next.

So go ahead and sing, “Rock-a-bye, baby”. Today, sweet dreams are a good bet when the sleeper rests in a comfy bed on sheets with a fresh scent–especially when they are soft, hypoallergenic waterproof fitted bed sheets!

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