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How Clearing Up the Clutter Lets You Take Charge of Your Life

Most people have heard it said that the key to productivity is organization. They’ve also spent valuable time looking for essentials, like car keys, notebooks, or spectacles when they could have been engaged in more productive activities. The next step on this journey of self-realization is, of course, to try something new and organize work spaces, and then assess whether better organization makes for a smoother workflow. Supplies such as cube modular units and craft cabinet storage solutions can make any space – home office or craft room or hallway – less cluttered and more functional.

Less clutter, more time
Recently the Daily Mail offered its readers some fun facts about the amount of time people can spend looking for lost or misplaced objects. Apparently, over the course of a lifetime, 153 days or are 3,680 hours are wasted in looking for misplaced items. Researchers also found that people can lose as many as nine objects every day. That comes to a grand total of 198,743 items over a lifetime. When you’re done laughing, consider how this applies to your own life.
Misplaced keys, pens, wallets, glasses, and phones all take little snippets of time from the more important things you have to do. These little episodes also act as minor irritants throughout the day, breaking your focus and concentration on the work at hand. The average American home contains about 300,000 items, give or take few hundred. That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of. A very simple way to clean up your clutter is to organize various spaces so there’s a right place for everything, from craft or school supplies to keys and spectacles.

Organizing space for better functionality
Almost every space in a home – living room, entryway, home office, craft room, and kids’ study area – can become cluttered and messy. While messy is sometimes cute and homely, it can quickly get out of control and bury essential items like the latest reminder from the doctor’s office or car keys and wallets. Simple storage solutions like stacking cubes and craft storage cabinets can magically clear up the clutter and let you see the beauty of each space.
Everything from 25 cube shoe organizers to 3 drawer desktop organizers to craft cabinet storage can make your life easier and more efficient. When everything is where it should be, and you can put your hands on any item when it’s needed, you can just get a lot more done. Whether it’s the home office, or a craft corner, or the kids’ study space, working more efficiently produces results. In fact, we’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that a happy home is an organized home. That’s because getting organized shows that you mean to take control of your life. And that’s where the magic starts.

A cluttered home means important items like keys and glasses and even books get lost or misplaced all the time. You can lose both time and focus when you have to hunt out these objects from beneath the clutter or wherever they may have chosen to hide themselves this particular day. Getting organized is the key to taking control over your life and work, and that can only be a good thing. Storage solutions like stackable cubes and craft cabinet storage can help to turn any messy area into a functional and also visually appealing one.

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