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Mold Is Deadly How To Make Sure It’s Not Growing In Your Carpet, Bathroom Or Basement

What’s so bad about a little mold in your house?

As it turns out, mold can actually be one of the most hazardous elements around. This nasty growth is responsible for all sorts of short-term symptoms and reduced indoor air quality, which is even before we get into the long-term damage it can cause when left unchecked. Finding mold wherever it erupts? It’s another battle entirely. Mold testing services are a fine way of pinpointing this harmful growth and eliminating it properly, keeping you and your family healthy and safe year-round. You can even learn a few things about mold prevention while you’re at it!

Keep mold out of your home in 2018 by learning about the benefits of water remediation services and clean carpets.

Did You Know?

How’s the cleaning industry looking these days? A study conducted back in May of 2016 found there are over three and a half million people working in the cleaning services industry, meaning the United States is more than equipped with the people you need to give your home a little spit and shine. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause serious health effects, even death, and should be eliminated on sight.

Mold Can Sprout Almost Anywhere

Let’s look at one of the worst things about mold…it can sprout up almost anywhere. In your refrigerator, in your bathroom, on your windowsill. It’s a tenacious and nasty fungal growth that’s just as widespread as it is damaging, so take control back into your own hands by checking it everywhere you see it. Reach out to professional carpet services to make sure you get the deepest possible clean. Even the very best vacuum on the market only picks up around 15% of the dirt in your rug!

Mold Is Very Harmful To Your Health

Mold needs to be taken seriously wherever it’s spotted. That’s because it’s very bad for your health and can lead to some major problems when you expect it least. Short-term side-effects can include itchy eyes, watering eyes, breathing difficulties and skin irritation. Long-term side-effects can include cancer, believe it or not, and mold comes in hundreds of different varieties. Water damage, as well as mold damage, cost the insurance industry a staggering $2 billion every single year.

Mold Needs To Be Removed Properly

It’s not enough to just rub mold out. You need to remove it properly or you run the risk of either leaving the fungus in-tact or spreading it throughout the air. If you’re facing a flood in your bathroom or basement it’s highly recommended you remove any and all organic items immediately. This includes bedding, towels, rags, clothes and upholstery that were damaged. Clean out your home thoroughly and quickly within one to two days before mold has a chance to grow and spread.

Calling For Mold Testing Services

The best way to make sure your home is always good to go is to reach out to mold testing services in your area. Today’s dirty carpets are known to hold up to eight times their weight in bacteria and dirt, which is even worse if you have pets! Respiratory issues and allergy problems are more common than ever because of indoor air pollution and it’s up to you to make sure you’re ahead of the curve. Janitors and cleaners make up the largest portion in the cleaning industry, with specialty cleaners following close behind to work in deep cleaning and mold testing.

Ready to clean your home? Don’t give mold a chance this year. Take the initiative and enjoy the benefits of a clean, happy home in 2018.
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