Lodge style furnishings,Native american bedspreads,Pine log bedroom furniture Connecting to the World of Nature with Rustic Furniture

Connecting to the World of Nature with Rustic Furniture

Moose antler furniture

Furniture and home decor can be a major investment, lasting for years. It also expresses strong emotional and aesthetic attachments. This is the reason behind the soaring popularity of furniture made from reclaimed barnwood and aspen logs. These rustic pieces like lodge chandeliers ground people, connecting them to the world of nature and the people who live in close contact with it.

The appeal of rustic furniture
Most people expect their furniture purchases to last for at least 15 years or so. Exceptional pieces like lodge chandeliers or custom aspen furniture may turn into heirlooms to be passed on to future generations. Because it is so lasting, choosing the right pieces of furniture can be very important. It’s as much an emotional and aesthetic choice as it is a practical one.
Whatever their reasons for buying furniture, people are buying more of it. In recent years, furniture sales have outperformed other retail sectors, growing at a yearly rate of 6 to 7%. Millennials have been a driving force in this trend, contributing to a 142% increase in furniture sales between 2012 and 2014. In real terms, that represents an increase from $11.1 billion to $27.0 billion. There’s also a strong preference for certain styles, like rustic farmhouse or ski lodge furniture and pieces made from reclaimed barn wood.

Connecting with nature
Rustic and farmhouse style furniture helps people to feel connected to the world of nature and the idea of living in harmony with it. It may evoke memories of a summer visit to a farm or a skiing holiday. Some people may choose to do over their entire homes in rustic log cabin or ski lodge style. For others, a single piece like a lodge chandelier or a wooden armoire can add a touch of character to a room.
Aspen log furniture has a unique character because it incorporates the twisted and gnarly look of the trees into beds, desks, beds, dining tables, and bookshelves. Aspen trees grow at high altitudes and are twisted by the wind and the weight of snow. Rather than smooth away the natural look, log furniture makes it part of the beauty of each piece.

Lodge chandeliers and barnwood furniture
Lighting and seating likewise draw their inspiration from iconic structures like farmhouses, ski lodges, log cabins, and barns. Cast iron or hickory chandeliers with motifs such as as pine trees, deer and weather vanes recall mountain lodges and quiet evenings after a hectic day on the slopes. Many incorporate old fashioned lanterns and hurricane lamps.
Barnwood furniture likewise draws upon happy associations with farms and barns. The rich, aged patina of the wood is preserved in making the furniture, which also incorporates traditional craftsmanship. Rustic style furniture uses quality materials to produce unique pieces that add character to any room. Some people may want to do over their entire homes in farmhouse style or just add a single piece to a room. Either way, they are connecting with the world of nature and their own happy memories.

Buying furniture involves a major financial and emotional investment. Rustic pieces like ski lodge chandeliers and pine log beds help people reconnect with the world of nature and their own happy memories of time spent there.

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