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Property Management Consultants Offer Advice and Training for Property Managers

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Residential property management can be a complex task, whether the property consists of just five units or nearly two hundred. Managers need to be aware of such matters as tax law, legislation and legal requirements, accounting, insurance, local codes and zoning laws and utilities. If that seems almost too much for a single individual to cover, that?s because it is. Property owners and managers can benefit from property management consulting services, which can help them with nearly all aspects of property management, including communications, marketing, maintenance and more.

Who needs property management consultation services?
Single family residential property managers may be in charge of anywhere from five to two hundred units. A large number of single-family units are not owner-occupied but are rented out. Owners and managers of single-family units may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety and complexity of the tasks they are called upon to handle.
Not only do they need to respond to maintenance and emergency calls, they need to maintain communications with tenants about all kinds of matters, develop a marketing plan to find new clients, handle the accounting and tax requirements, and more. They need to understand the basics of building structure and maintenance, safety and inspections. Property management consulting services can take the burden off their shoulders, offering advice, training and help to handle their multiple tasks.

How property management consultants can help
Property management consultants provide the help that property owners need to manage their properties and to find ways to expand their income. By providing advice, training and assistance on aspects of the Uniform Housing Code, Habitability Standards and local codes and insurance policies, they can help them to do their jobs better.

Property managers and owners need to know how buildings are put together, what maintenance requests involve, safety concerns and regulations, and inspections. Property management consulting will help them to identify the factors to look at before taking properties into management.

Property management consulting: the basics
Property management consulting introduces managers to the basics of maintenance, communications, marketing, and more. The basics of maintenance, for exatmple, includes understanding the basic components of housing units, maintenance, inspections and safety concerns. These include:

  • Components that make up housing structures
  • Common Standards of Habitability and the Uniform Housing Code
  • Maintenance
  • Property surveys, reviews, and inspections
  • Safety concerns including carbon monoxide, mold, lead based paint, asbestos and radon

Any property manager faces a bewildering variety of tasks and skills. They can find help through property management consulting, learning about everything from tenant communications to maintenance, safety, inspections and marketing. Advice training and direct assistance can help them to do a better job.

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