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Private Pre-School From Smaller Classrooms to Fun and Enriching Activities

Private day care

When it’s time for children to begin preschool, many parents will consider whether public or private preschools will be the best choice. Studies have shown that when preschools emphasize early childhood education, students are better prepared to enter kindergarten. Furthermore, when early childhood education is at the forefront, it also creates a strong foundation for a child’s future educational success.

Over the past decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of three and four year olds that are attending pre-primary rather than traditional day care programs. In 1990, for instance, 56% of the children within this age group attended a pre-primary program, while in 2012, 66% were doing so. This trend is expected to continue given the importance of early education.

Private school classrooms tend to have fewer students than their public counterparts. As a result, these schools have a lower child-to-teacher ratio. This means each child will receive more one-on-one attention from their teachers and will be able to interact more easily with their classmates. In 36% of private schools, for example, the average student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1 or less.

One of the many reasons that parents choose private schools is that a considerable amount of these programs are religiously-affiliated. About 80% of private school students are attending these types of schools. Since religiously-affiliated private schools promote specific values, the children that attend them will have the opportunity to learn more about their faith. They will also receive a quality education in the various subjects needed to succeed in the upper grades.

Another positive aspect of attending a local private school is that athletics and wellness are emphasized as well. Once children advance to kindergarten and beyond, they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities to assist them with developing motor and other skills. Since just one in five homes are located within six blocks of parks, fitness centers, or recreation centers, parents can be assured that their children will receive the amount of exercise and team-building activities at a private school.

Whether a school is private or public, its identity makes a difference. When school campuses are multinational, this can assist students with developing an awareness of and respect for the global community. This is more apt to occur within a private school environment that acknowledges and embraces multinational and multicultural values.

When choosing the best preschool, it’s important to bring your child with you to the school. At this time, you can see how they respond to the teacher, the other children, and the overall environment. Even though the final decision will be up to you as a parent, this makes a difference when choosing the best preschool.

It’s also important to have a list of questions to ask the school about the its curriculum and academic objectives. Since choosing the best preschool will prepare your child for kindergarten, you want to ensure that they are introduced to age-appropriate materials and beyond, when applicable. Furthermore, since preschool-aged children tend to enjoy playing games and engaging in other fun activities, a private school will balance their day with a variety of enriching experiences.

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