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12 Decorating Tips to Making a Small Living Room Look Bigger

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Many people live in smaller spaces. It can be a daunting task to try to make the most of a small living room but getting it right is possible. Here are some tips to make the most of their living room decor.

  1. Keep everything look light and bright. If you get lighter colored wall fixtures and window treatments, you can make a smaller living room look larger. The thing is you want to maximize the light in your space. Dark colors absorb light and make your space look smaller.
  2. Hang a mirror on the wall facing your windows. When you have a smaller living room, another you can do to bring light into the space to make it look larger than it is, is bring more light in. Hanging a mirror across from you windows can do just that.
  3. Hang draperies up high. When you place the curtain rod above the windows they are covering you create an illusion of more space. Using a drapery that is made from a more full fabric can also add to the effect.
  4. Use bigger floor coverings. If you get a larger rug with a pattern that catches the eye, you can make a smaller living room look larger. Larger rugs work well in smaller spaced area. This may be counterintuitive but it really can make your space look better and bigger.
  5. Consider putting in some ottomans. Ottomans can be used for several purposes. You can use them as seating, in the place of a coffee table or a place to put cut flowers (over a tray on an ottoman) or books.
  6. Be creative with your storage and seating. When you have a living room that is on the smaller size, getting furniture that serves as both a seating area and a place to store items, you can make your smaller space go a long way. You should also opt for seating that is lower to the ground. This can have the effect of opening up your space and making it look a lot larger.
  7. Reconsider putting in a large coffee table. You can use fun decorative items in place of a traditional coffee table. Smaller end tables or even drums or small statues can be used in the place of one larger coffee table to break up your space and give you the furniture with the surface area that you may need in your living room.
  8. Use more vibrant colors. Using vibrant colors can have a great impact on the look of your living room. You can create a fun and clean space by using colors that are bold and stand out. This can also bring a more sophisticated look for your home.
  9. Have fun with scale. Put in larger furniture items that work with your space. When you try to fill a smaller living room with smaller furniture items, you only make it look smaller. When you have items of different sizes, you can grow the space.
  10. Use furniture items that have more have more than one function. You want to have ottomans for several purposes, seating that is storage but you should not stop there. There are desks that can be used as dining room tables. There are some nice coffee tables that are also bookcases. Look for doing more tasks with fewer items to make the most of your smaller space.
  11. Be smart about your lighting options. Again, the more light you have in your small space, the more you will make it look bigger than it really is. Using track lighting or sconces on the walls are better to save you precious floor space that you need for other things. There are lamps that also double as bookcases and the like.
  12. Be creative with the way you hang pictures. This should all be hung higher on the wall for the same reason that you hang your curtains higher up. This way your photos and paintings draw the eye upward to make your space look bigger.

Small living rooms can look and feel cozy or they can feel cramped. If you put some time and energy into your decorating, you will be able to make the most of your smaller space.

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