Performing arts schools in florida,Preschool,Preschools miami Do Private Elementary Schools Offer an Unfair Advantage?

Do Private Elementary Schools Offer an Unfair Advantage?

Why send your child to a day school

The U.S. has over 30,800 private schools that serve about 5.3 million children, from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 students. What are the advantages of attending private schools? Unlike public schools funded by the government, private schools can tailor their educational programs to the desires of the parental community. The result could be elementary schools that places an emphasis on religion, or perhaps on art, or on mathematics. The benefits of private school education are inconclusive due to the difficulty of eliminating variables that can cloud the data. Ultimately, the choice remains at the parents’ discretion.

How Can a Private Elementary School Set a Child Up For Future Academic Success?

Parents want the best for their children, but what’s ‘best’ is not always clear. Still, a good education is fairly innocuous until one gets into the nitty-gritty of how to go about achieving it. Let’s discuss the perks of private elementary schools, and how to determine if the one you’re considering for your children is superior.

Does Religion Play an Enormous Role In Your Family Life?

Private elementary schools that have a focus on a specific religion are usually preferred by parents that place a high emphasis on living out their beliefs. One study that polled parents during the 2011-2012 school year found that 82% were reportedly “very satisfied” with the quality of their child’s school. The benefit here is that the children are experiencing or are encouraged to practice the values espoused by their family’s religion even when they are alway from the parent’s direct supervision and guidance. Many parents find this attractive, and hope that it will allow the child to focus better on their school work.

What About the Intersection of Technology and Learning?

There is a misconception that private elementary schools have better stuff. This is not always the case, as tuition of private schools varies greatly. Some public schools have newer tech, and some private schools are more competitive in terms of the teachers they hire. Each school has its own priorities, and it is absolutely up to the parent to decide. To do so requires one to get very clear about the personal values one hopes to teach their child.

What Does “Familial Values” Have to Do With Education?

The advantages of a private school over a public one is simple: the private school might be more closely aligned with your family’s personal values. This isn’t to say that only religious private schools hold value; a school that places the most emphasis on science and technology could be more supportive of a family’s aspirations.

Any school can be the right school for your children, so long as it has the proper accreditation with the state. This is crucial, as you want to make sure there is a benchmark for student performance that has been rigorously tested. The rest is up to you. What makes your family unique? What values do you want your children to grow up with? Knowing the answer is what will help you find the best private school.

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