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3 Ideas For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

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Planning any kind of event or party requires a whole lot of planning, from invitations to party equipment rentals for chairs and tables, to the kinds of decor you want. Are you looking to do DIY decor for your party? How about invitations, are you going to hand write them or order them online for convenience? To start off, what kind of theme do you even want for your party?

If you’re trying to come up with party ideas, here are three to think about. They are perfect for a child’s birthday and can be done with a lower budget. There is no need to have to spend a ton of money for a wonderful event! One more thing to think about? Party equipment rentals like tents and chairs for an even more amazing event!

Birthday parties are great because it makes your child feel special on their birthday and inviting all of their friends makes for a fun time together. You can snap some great photos, and your child will look back and remember how special you made his or her day.

1. Under the sea theme birthday party

If your child loves mermaids and swimming, think about hosting an “under the sea” themed birthday party! For a great backyard party, either host the event at your home if you have a pool, or at a friend’s house with a pool in the backyard. Buy blue or aqua-colored napkins and plates, and think about a party tent for more shade. If you live in an area where it is very warm (like Arizona or Florida), party tent rentals can provide more shade for older guests and a comfortable place to sit. Party equipment rentals provide comfort and help make your party run smoother. Buy balloons that come in mermaid or fish shapes, and for food, create platters for Goldfish snacks in a shell-shaped bowl. For non-alcohol drinks, make blue lemonade with lemonade mix and food coloring!

2. Host a movie party

If your child loves the movies, you should do a movie night themes party! Purchase decorations that look like film wheels, and buy balloons in gold and silver star shapes. Host a movie marathon for children to enjoy either inside or outside your home, and provide plenty of comfy blankets and pillows. Serve buttered popcorn and your child’s favorite movie theater candies for a wonderful movie night themes party!

3. Unicorn themed party

Is your child one who loved unicorns, rainbows, and all things magical? Give them an amazing unicorn themed birthday party! You can easily make cupcakes using boxed batter and food coloring to create rainbow-colored cupcakes. Frost them with your child’s favorite flavor of icing and load up on rainbow sprinkles! You can hang balloons in a bunch of different colors and offer unicorn horn party hats for all of the guests. For an added bonus, buy or make a rainbow unicorn pinata and fill it with different kinds of candy!

Do you have anymore ideas to add for great birthday party themes? Let us know in the comments below!

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