Real estate for sale by owner,Selling a house Half Of All Home Buyers Prefer To Browse Online How Do Your Real Estate Photos Look?

Half Of All Home Buyers Prefer To Browse Online How Do Your Real Estate Photos Look?

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It’s time to part with your home and put it up for market. How do you make yours stand out amid the thousands side-by-side waiting for the next customer’s perusal? Homes for sale in America require a mixture of tenacity, empathy and common sense to get that coveted e-mail inquiry. To sell your own home is to sell a future to a family looking for a new neighborhood to raise their kids. To put up your house for sale is to offer an option to someone who’s making the plunge to the independent life for the first time. Why not read the list below and figure out what your house has to offer before you make the plunge?

Some may lead you to believe that the real estate market is dying. The truth is quite different. People of all shapes and sizes are still interested in homes for sale, from the quintessential Baby Boomers to the less predictable yet no less valid Millennials. A study by has predicted as many as 60% of homebuyers in 2017 will be under age 35. That’s not the only thing you need to know, however.

You need to know why people want to buy homes. This will help you narrow down a rather large audience and find that handful of buyers who are all too eager to take your house off your hands. According to a few studies by Zillow, around 80% of buyers are interested in purchasing a single-family home. Many want a home that can support a new child or provide a couple with the comfort they need to get through their busy lives.

Your surroundings are just as important as your home for sale. Some buyers won’t even consider a house before they get a feel for the neighborhood, surrounding communities and various downtown cultures that will make up a significant portion of ther life. Before you go about selling your house, take a moment to look at your city or town and figure out what else it has to offer. This will cover all the basics and get you closer to that ideal consumer.

What else can you do to make your home stand out? Look no further than landscaping. Well-landscaped and furbished homes have been found to sell for 5% to even 12% more than similar homes. Additional studies have even suggested you can have a 28% boost in your home’s value with a few touch-ups. Nearly 90% of real estate agents will encourage homeowners to invest in a little landscaping before they sell to increase their chances of a good purchase.

Need some landscaping ideas on your homes for sale? Consider curb appeal. While landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by almost 15%, homeowners are all but guaranteed to get a 100% ROI on money spent improving a house’s curb appeal. This term is used to denote the superficial aesthetic of a home as seen by a passerby or a neighbor. This can mean a lush lawn, a clean sidewalk, a pretty fence or an arrangement of shrubbery leading up to the front porch.

This last tip on homes for sale can seem almost a minor detail if you already have the rest of your checklist covered, but some would argue it’s the most important step of all. You need to make sure the photos taken of your home are well-lit and taken from every angle. Over 40% of home buyers will actively browse online for properties, rather than visiting in-person, and poor photos (or no photos) can put you in a seriously bad spot. Give yourself the best possible chance and create an online presence that would make even a designer blush.

Selling a home can seem a daunting process, but that’s what the basics are for. Landscaping can boost your ROI and curb appeal. Online photos can reach out to more people. Bit by bit, you can reach out to people and get the response you’ve always wanted in return.

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