Why You Need a Commercial Security System

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If you own a business or are a homeowner then there is something that you will want to have in order to protect all of your valuable possessions. One of the most important decisions you make is whether or not you want to install a commercial security system in your home in order to protect the valuables inside of it.

This goes for both businesses and residential buildings. Burgalars are likely to break into both places and are likely to do so if there is no commercial security system to protect said building. As a matter of fact, it has been proven through studies that homes without any sort of commercial security system are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. Here are some other reasons why you should get a commercial security system to protect your prized possessions.

A commercial security system will involve video surveillance system, security system maintenance, security system installation, and many other protective tools to keep you safe. As of right now, there are an estimated number of 18 million home securiy systems installed in the United States. That means that a majority of homeowners rely on a commercial security system to keep themselves safe.

This is done so because United States business will experience $13 billion in shoplifting losses each year. Also, in the year of 2013 the number of property crimes committed totaled out to about $8.6 million, which was 4.1% less than in 2012. Also, in that same year of 2014, all money lost from reported property crimes manage to equate to $16.6 billion. Protect yourself from losing money and losing valuables with a commercial security system.

61% of all burglaries are done so with forcible entry, meaning that the burglar had to force their way into the house. Each year in the United States there are more than 2.5 million home intrusions reported each year. Of those home intrusions, only 13% can be solved because police end up lacking a witness or physical evidence that is normally needed to solve a case.

85% of police officials surveyed believed that home monitoring systems help deter burglary attempts. Some insurance providers offer discounts up to 20% when a home security system is installed. According to the US Department of Commerce, approximately 75% of employees steal. About 30% of all burglaries occur with the offender entering through an open or unlocked door.

In conclusion there are an endless number of benefits from paying for the installation of a commercial security system in your buidling to protect your items of value. 85% of break-ins are committed by people who are non-professional criminals. It does not take much for the commercial security system to scare them away between the alarm system and the prospect of being captured on camera. Make sure you protect your business from any sort of danger. Do the right thing for you and your business. Install a commercial security system, and you will see the benefits.

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