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The Scandinavian Theme, a Unique Twist to Modern Designs

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Although there seems to be many room designs trending today, the idea of simplicity is common among all of them. The modern look, Danish modern designs, and Scandinavian furniture designs all contain open, simplistic, and minimal designs. However, you will find differences among the more specific of details of each of these room designs.

What is Scandinavian furniture?

You might be wondering, what is Scandinavian furniture? In some ways, Scandinavian furniture is similar to the other modern furniture movements. However, the Scandinavian furniture differs in the fact that it pulls designs from the following countries together, including Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. These countries are specifically known for their simplistic designs, both in artwork and furniture. What is Scandinavian furniture? It is a mix of these European countries, combined with a modern furniture theme. It results in a unique version of the current modern trend.

Decorating with Scandinavian furniture

In some ways, decorating with Scandinavian furniture is similar to decorating with any type of furniture. You should still choose the designs that speak to you. You should still choose the living room furniture pieces that you find comfortable. You will also want to consider the artwork, flooring, and overall layout of the room, as all of these will affect the entire Scandinavian look. For example, learning the rule of threes can help you achieve a mid century furniture look that you enjoy. Learn this rule of threes and apply it to your home decorating projects. Overall, odd numbers of objects when decorating are more eye catching and interesting than even numbers. Use this rule in all aspects of decorating, including furniture, artwork, and table centerpieces.

Create a lasting look

Try not to go with a specific trending design simply because it is popular right now. If the current trending topic is not something that you particularly enjoy, you will end up feeling uncomfortable in your own room. In fact, in a recent Houzz home decorating survey, only 2% of respondents said they had achieved their ultimate vision for their home. While creating the perfect home design is always a work in progress, make sure that you are working toward something that you will enjoy the outcome. After all, you are the one that has to spend time there.

Regularly declutter

An important aspect of the modern and contemporary furnitures designs are that they are simple and decluttered. A traditional modern living room, for example, is open and clean. It does not contain clutter on top of the counters and dining room table. Even if you are not ready to purchase new furniture or update your home?s artwork, you can improve the modern feel of your home by regularly decluttering. Think of this as spring cleaning, only on a year round basis. To make spring cleaning a more manageable endeavor, mark each task with an estimated time, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. Each day do only one thing. Within 30 days, your whole home will be uncluttered and clean. You will be one step closer to achieving that desired minimalist home design.

What is Scandinavian furniture? It is a mix of all of the most popular modern home designs. Overall, it is a look of simplicity and uncluttered living. Scandinavian furniture combines a couple of the most unique European countries. With only one out of five Americans (20%) feeling happy with their home decorations, it is important to choose a home design that truly speaks to you. The Scandinavian furniture designs may be an option, if you enjoy a more unique twist to the traditional modern and Danish modern furniture themes.

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