Acid washing a pool,Swimming pool repair mesa What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Pool

What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Pool

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Swimming is a common recreational activity in the United States. In fact, Americans make more than 400 million visits a year to aquatic venues including pools, hot tubs, beaches, and fresh water outlets. Because so many people enjoy swimming, many homeowners choose to install a pool into their own yard. Yet, many people do not fully understand the amount of work and knowledge it takes to have a properly running pool. It is important to be aware of the following potential pool problems and how to handle them properly.

Pool opening and pool closing
If you live in a relatively warm climate all year long, you might be lucky enough to not have to deal with this. However, many homeowners throughout the country are unable to use their pools during the colder weather months. When there is a possibility of snow and ice, the pool must be properly closed every season. If you do not close it, you run the risk of tearing the pool liner, and contaminating the pool contents with standing water. Opening and closing a pool is a process that requires the completion of specific steps. It is usually best left to a professional pool services company.

Proper measurement of pool chemicals
A pool is essentially an enclosed area of standing water. Leaving standing water without any chemical additives can be dangerous, as bacteria can grow over time. Pools require specific chemicals, including chlorine. However, putting too much chlorine into a pool can also damage it and cause health problems for those swimming in the pool. While many professional pool services companies will provide chlorine measuring services, most do not regularly come out to monitor the chlorine levels. There is also pool maintenance fees associated with chlorine. Most industry experts estimate that chemicals for a traditional chlorine pool cost between $25 and $40 a month.

Necessary pool repairs
Throughout the year, there are also many problems that can occur with the swimming pool. If the pool liner tears, for example, the entire pool needs to be drained to complete pool resurfacing services. Tears are most common when the pool was not properly closed before winter. Pool liner repairs can be a costly pool repair. Other necessary repairs might include problems with the exterior of the pool or the pool accessories, such as the ladder, pool pump, or the cleaning tools.

The importance of regular pool cleaning
Most pools also require daily cleaning. Debris from surrounding trees can quickly contaminate a pool. While a pool pump system will work around the clock to remove debris from the pool, it usually also requires physical cleanings. Some people choose to hire professional pool cleaning services to keep the pool clean and clear, all summer long. However, if algae or other types of bacteria build up in the pool, it can require more extensive of cleaning pool services.

While it is recommended that homeowners have their pools cleaned once a week during the swimming season, pools in some areas can require much more than that. When algae and bacteria becomes a problem, it is best to have the pool fully drained and then acid washed. Acid washing a pool ensures that all traces of the bacteria are removed. It can be difficult to effectively remove all of it while there is still water in the pool. Acid washing a pool usually requires professional pool services.

Pools are extremely common throughout the United States. Many community centers, schools, and athletic clubs have access to pools. Additionally, a large percentage of homeowners have their own yard pool. In 2015, there were 5.1 million in ground pools in the United States. Owning a pool on your own property has its benefits. However, it also required careful cleaning and a basic knowledge of proper pool services. Many pool owners will find that it is best to hire a professional pool company to service their home pool properly.

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