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Home sweet Townhome!

Single family home for sale

Determining what type of home will best suit your family and lifestyle may seem like a daunting task. Most homebuyers have an idea of what it is they are looking for and are merely searching the market for a home that fits into the picture they have in their mind. According to Zillow, a majority of first time homebuyers, 83%, are looking to purchase single family homes and nearly half of buyers are searching for brand new, never lived in homes. While single family homes are still a hot commodity, according to Zillow 20% of home buyers are now opting for new townhomes instead.

Baby boomers and millennials alike are in the market for new homes within neighborhoods that are more walkable as the increase in health consciousness is on the rise. Millennials are most likely to look at town homes, at 23%. These new townhomes allow for convenience while still giving buyers what they’re searching for. According to a 2016 report from Zillow, 45% of home buyers are looking for a home that they can customize, and as with single family homes, buyers searching for new townhomes have the option to customize their house when purchasing brand-new homes.

Whether home buyers are searching for an open layout, multiple bedrooms, or homes with more storage space, buying one of the many new townhomes available on the market gives homebuyers the option to customize their homes to best fit their needs. If you are like 48% of buyers searching the housing market for a new place to call home, energy-efficiency may be one of your most desired features. New home builders can take your wishes and make them a reality, you may also want to consider working with a home designer to create the dream home you have always imagined.

If you’re looking to build, home builders in central Florida can help you to determine exactly what it is you’re searching for and make it a reality. Approximately 1,000 people move to Florida daily and the homes for sale are going quickly. Whether you’re in the market for vacation homes, single family homes, or one of the many new townhomes, check your local new homes listing and you’ll be sure to find the perfect home to fit your needs.

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