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The 3 Top Benefits to Private Schooling

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Education in the Untied States is getting a thorough going over at the Federal level. At least that is what the new government is trying to tell us. The new Secretary of Education is going to be dipping her toes into the wading pool of her public education knowledge to see what she can come up with to shake things up. That is leaving a great many people in public education shaking their heads, wondering what in the world is going to happen to our public education system.

The top private schools in America are still as much an alternative to public education as they always have been, and they are continuing to offer the top-notch schooling that parents have expected their children to receive if they send them there. From preschool to private middle school to private high school and beyond, there are many benefits to private schooling. Here are three of them.

1.) You can start your children early with a solid preschool education.

When you start your child in a solid preschool program, you are giving them a head start on a number of very key skills they will need right away once they get into kindergarten. They learn number and letters earlier and are more prepared to tackle the more challenging aspects of early childhood education. It has been found that kids who attend preschool record scores that are 21% better than their kindergarten peers who did not go to a preschool program.

2.) The top private schools, in general, offer class sizes that are smaller than the public schools.

Class size is very important when it comes to education and the public sector is finding it more and more difficult to keep class sizes do to the most beneficial number. In the top private schools, class sizes are being kept to a minimum because students can receive more individual attention. Private high schools have roughly half the number of students per class as public schools do.

3.) The graduation rates for the top private schools are much higher.

In a recent study, it was shown that 98% of high school seniors who were enrolled in a private high school on October 1, 2010, went on to graduate by the fall of 2011. A ninety-eight percent graduation rate is an enormous success for an institution or a method of learning.

The truth of the matter is, it is not the students who are necessarily any smarter or any more hard working. The system of education and learning that is set up in the top private schools offers the student who goes there the best opportunity for success when it comes to completing their pre-college education.

Our country is going to be seeing a great deal of change in the education system soon, but the top private schools will continue to be there.

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