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Four Factors to Consider in Your Church Steeple Plans


Are you researching church steeple prices? When you are building a place of worship, church steeple prices are an important consideration, as it impacts the budget of the entire project. Not to mention, the steeple is the most iconic mark of a church, and the church steeple prices determine the size, shape and appearance of your entire building. However, some of the cost of the church steeple prices can actually be recouped, if you plan it right (we’ll get to this part in a minute).

To help you create the right building for your church, we’ve put together a guide of things to consider while planning your church steeple design.

Four Factors to Consider in Your Church Steeple Plans

  1. strong>Choose a steeple size that compliments the shape of the building.
    Sometimes while designing a church building, people assume that choosing for a tall steeple if the rest of the building is small will make the entire structure look more magnanimous. This is not the case. In fact, if you building is modest, adding a really large steeple makes it look unbalanced, and is not pleasing to the eye. Remember, bigger is not always better.

    While designing your church’s steeple, consider the height of the entire building, and select a steeple size that matches it. If you want to give your building some extra height with your steeple, stay within the about 10% of the total height of the building, so that it looks like it belongs.

    If you have the budget to do so, another great way to give your building the appearance of more height is to raise the roof of the sanctuary (or the center of the building), and then to add your steeple, which gracefully points to the heavens.

  2. Consider the demographics of your church and area, and the relevance of your steeple.

    The church steeple is not a one-size-fits-all sort of fixture. Steeples come in all shapes and sizes, and the perfect steeple for your building may not be designed yet. If you have a contemporary service and want to appeal to the more youthful demographic, this is something that should be taken into consideration while designing the steeple of your building.

    This is not to say that steeples are only for old and traditional churches! Including a steeple in your church design, no matter what denomination or age range of your congregation, gives your building an element of grace and prestige. The trick is designing a steeple that compliments the look and feel and relevance of your church.

  3. Consider giving your steeple some functionality.

    The primary purpose of your steeple is to complete the look and feel of your place of worship, so that perishers have a place that gives them peace to practice their faith in. That being said, your steeple can also serve the community (as well as add a little income to your church’s budget, which allows you to better serve the area around you) by acting as cell phone tower. You can work with a cell phone carrier to install a cell phone tower within your steeple that will leave in indistinguishable from any normal cell phone. In return, the cell phone carrier will pay you a monthly leasing fee for the use of your steeple.

    If you are considering leasing your steeple for a cell phone carrier to use as a tower, it is important to bid it out to a few carriers. The first offer you get might not be the best offer, and the competition of having a few carriers fighting for the space will increase their bids. You don’t want to get locked into a contract for less than you could have gotten, if you’d just shopped around a bit.
  4. Incorporate lighting protection into your steeple design.

    Lightning is attracted to the tallest object in the area it is striking. This makes your church steeple particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes. If your steeple is struck by lightning, the damage is often impossible to fix. In some cases, it creates a fire hazard that puts your entire building at risk. Protecting your building from being struck by lightning is simple, as long as you take it into consideration from the get-go.

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