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The Top 3 Alternatives to Buying Expensive Furniture From Furniture Stores


Sometimes, you just gotta shake things up a bit when it comes to changing the look and feel of your home or work space. Doing so can have a dramatic results in terms of not only improving the overall aesthetics of an area, but also improving less tangible things such as mood and energy. In turn, this can lead to feelings of well being and increased productivity in the case of work spaces. As great as this all sounds, creating a budget for to achieve this kind of effect by renovating, remodeling, or even redecorating a space is not so great.

Everyone knows that these services can be pretty expensive, but what if there was a way to still give a room or entire space a brand new look without spending a lot of money or going through the time consuming process of a remodeling or renovation project? You might think that this isn’t even possible, but it is absolutely is thanks furniture. Furniture often serves as a focal point in a room, and because it serves such an important and integral role, changing it up or swapping it out can have a significant impact on the room’s aesthetics and function.

Sure, furniture stores can be expensive, particularly specialty ones that sell high end and upscale pieces. But did you know it’s still possible to achieve a designer inspired look for less by purchasing high quality furniture pieces at alternatives to traditional furniture stores? Whether it’s living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, or any other kind of furniture that you need, you don’t have to rush out to the nearest furniture outlet in order to get a good deal on quality furniture for less. Instead, try these alternatives for discount, quality furniture.

Auctions and estate sales

These alternatives to traditional furniture stores making the thought of buying furniture at one seem painfully boring. Yawn! Auctions and estate sales are great for those looking or classical, vintage, or rustic pieces, though there are still plenty of modern homes that are foreclosed and hold an auction to recoup some of the cost. Typically, banks are so eager to recover their lost investment when it comes to auction sales of foreclosed homes that the prices they offer on quality pieces are dramatically lower than those seen at furniture stores. It’s truly a win win situation and a great way to find unique finds and period pieces!

The interwebs

If you can buy the home of your dreams online, then it’s pretty safe that say that you can also buy some pretty awesome furniture online that you most likely wouldn’t have been able to at any old run of the mill furniture store. Buying furniture online is a great way for people to find rare collector pieces or even to order custom pieces from furniture makers and local artisans. Because of video chat programs and platforms, customers can buy furniture online with ease. This allows them to get up close and personal with a particular piece without having to physically there in front of it.

Second hand stores

It’s understandable that many people are turned off by the idea of dumpster diving, however, a better and perhaps cleaner and easier way to beat the high cost of furniture store prices is to buy furniture at second hand or thrift stores. These establishments are a great way for retro and vintage furniture collectors and fans to find authentic, unique finds for the right price. Furniture prices at second hand and thrift stores tend to be significantly less than those found at furniture stores that sell brand new furniture.

Right off the floor

Floor models at furniture stores can often be purchased at dramatically discounted prices because of wear and tear and other minor forms of damage. But stores don’t normally advertise this, you have to ask. They may even have damaged inventory in their backroom that hasn’t been brought out onto the floor that may even be sold at a lower price compared to the floor model. Again, it never hurts to ask!

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