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Termite Terrors What You Need to Know

Termites are a nightmare for most homeowners. Often, you’ll need a professional to help you get rid of these pests. However, you can still consider a DIY, and some of the best home termite treatment options are as follows.

You could buy termiticide barriers, which you can apply to the exterior of your home. This option is the best drywood termite killer. As long as it gets to one termite, it could spread to the entire colony, killing them all. Remember, using the termiticide barrier is considered among the best rated termite treatment options used by professionals.

You could also opt for the best pesticide for termites. These are chemicals that you will use inside your home. It is odorless, meaning that you do not get affected. At the same time, termite baits could come in handy. These baits help interrupt the natural growth of the termites. Remember, its toxin is significantly slow, causing death only when the termites try to molt.

Engaging a professional is a worthy cause. However, you can only invest in professional services once the DIY methods fail. This professional will help identify the exact problem and solution to the termite infestation. They will ensure that the process takes a considerably short time.

Termites are more than just pests. They can threaten the structural integrity of a home or out building and it is often difficult to determine if you have an infestation until a great deal of damage is done. In fact, more than 600,000 houses and residences are damaged by termite every year in the United States. It costs over $5 billion a year to repair termite damage and control termites, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that U.S residents spend over $1 billion on repairs resulting from Formosan termites in particular, but others claim it is over $2 billion. The short answer is termite damage is costly. A home exterminator can help you tackle your termite problem quickly and effectively.

According to the NPCA Field Guide to Structural Pests, termites signs of infestation include a must-like material on a wooden surface, a swarm of what appear to be flying ants near light sources, and mud tubes. Swarmers that look like flying ants may be termite colonies migrating to new places. Finding them outside is less of a problem than seeing them inside. Swarmers inside indicated that you likely have an infestation in your home. This is most likely to happen between March and June, but can also occur in September and October.

If you find small pellets on the floor this can also be a sign of termite damage as this is termite feces. signs of water damage or sagging ceilings, walls or floors are also indications that termites may be present. Since it is often very difficult to identify termite infestation before damage has already been done, it is imperative that you call a house exterminator as soon as you know that you do have termites, to prevent further damage. Termites can cause significant destabilization of structures and must be dealt with immediately. Pest control can ensure that areas that have been damaged are safe and repair or replacement work can be done.

It can cost on average about $3,000 to completely deal with a termite infestation and the resultant damage. The sooner an infestation is identified the better, as termite damage adds up and can be significant with very little apparent signs visible. Calling a home exterminator then becomes a matter of priority.

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