How to Improve Your Night of Sleep

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Have you ever been the person who is tired all throughout the day, only to get into bed and toss and turn the entire night? You don?t get enough sleep, and then you are tired the next day, only to create an endless and sleepless cycle. Many Americans struggle with their sleep quality and it affects their family lives, work and even their mood and health. Sleep is an important part of our daily routines, and when we do not get enough of it, it can really affect our overall wellbeing. There are many reasons that someone might not get quality sleep, but a very common reason is that of the bed?s quality. A bed should be comfortable and therapeutic, it should promote a great night of sleep.

Many people choose to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the furniture throughout their home. They spend a lot on the couch in the living room, even more on the dining room table and then they splurge on the antique table in the hallway. However, they may look for discounts and shop on a budget when it comes to a bed. The bed should be the most researched and the best quality furniture item in the home. It is, after all, the one piece of furniture that you will use every single day, for many hours at a time. It is also the one piece of furniture that will have an effect on your person wellbeing.

Persons who reported sleeping less than 7 hours per night are more likely to report unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least 1 day a month (46.2% versus 33.2%). (U.S. CDC). A person who unintentionally falls asleep during the day may struggle with their household errands, their work roles and even their relationship goals. A great quality queen bed can help prevent these things from occurring.

An estimated 50 to 70 million adults in the United States have chronic sleep and wakefulness disorders. (U.S. CDC). This means that millions of adults are having trouble with sleep. Adjustable beds can assist with some of these disorders. An adjustable bed allows the sleeper to find a position that is comfortable to them. An adjustable bed can also be very beneficial to those who sleep with a partner. Many partners prefer different sleep comforts of their queen bed and one may choose to compromise to allow their partner a better night of sleep. An adjustable bed allows each sleeper to choose their preference in either a supportive bed or a softer bed. Additionally, there are many styles of adjustable beds to choose from. Those who prefer larger beds can choose an adjustable bed that is a queen bed or a king bed. Those who tend to sleep alone and do not need as much space can opt for a smaller adjustable bed, such as a twin or a full bed.

In addition to a queen bed that is also adjustable, a bed can also be a therapeutic bed. This is often a type of bed that is catered to the specific sleep issue of someone. If someone is dealing with chronic pain, they might have a heated bed that is softer or more supportive of their bodies. This can not only prevent trouble falling asleep, but also waking up in the middle of the night. In fact, 91% of American adults reveled that they either always or sometimes wake up in the middle of the night. (One Poll Survey, 2015).

A lot of people suffer with getting a great night of sleep. There are a lot of potential reasons for poor quality of sleep, but a common reason is the lack of a good bed or mattress. Quality beds can come in all sizes, including a king bed and a queen bed and they can be in the form of an adjustable bed or a therapeutic bed. Either way, anyone who has trouble with sleep during the night should invest more in their bed, and ensure that they are receiving a comfortable night of sleep.

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