Footed pajamas adult,Onesie pajama Why Onesies Are the Wise Choice

Why Onesies Are the Wise Choice

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Sleep time is all about comfort. after a whole day of being constrained by fabric, zippers and buttons of all shapes, sizes and forms, putting on your nightwear should be soothing and comfortable. It should make you feel like you are escaping the day’s troubles. That feeling of comfort is important because not experiencing it can mean a poor night’s sleep and given that more than 40% of us do not get enough sleep, that can be crucial. On average, we sleep about 8.5 hours a night. Interrupted sleep, though, can leave you feeling fatigued, rundown and slow.

Whether it is a pair of onesie pajamas for adults or a tiny negligee, the right sleeping attire translates into a better night’s sleep. Interestingly more than 60% of us have very few options when it comes to sleeper and only have one or two sets, whether pajamas or nighties. The majority — almost 75% — of Americans choose pajamas as their sleepwear of choice, while 8% sleep in the nude the rest wear some other form of clothing. Our choice of bed partner — or lack thereof — also does not impact on what we wear to sleep, with more than 84% indicating sharing a bed had no influence on their choices.

We also differ in how we care for our sleepwear. The average man will happily wear his pajama — pajama onesies or traditional type — for as long as two weeks in a row, while women wear theirs for up to 17 days without change, according to a new poll.

Onesie pajamas for adults can be a great choice, especially in the winter months when warmth is important. Such pajamas can come in footed and unfitted varieties and a range of styles and colors such as animal onesie pajamas for adults. Most adult medium onesie pajamas are designed to fit adults of up to 5 foot 9 in height and up to 180 pounds comfortably. If you are unsure about whether to opt for the onesie type, why not give it a test run in a onesie event. Who knows? You could not only find your new favorite pajamas of choice, but also challenge Steve Pandi’s record. Panda hosted a part that landed the the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Footed Pajama Party” on March 11, 2012 in Austin Texas during the South By Southwest Interactive Festival at the Austin Caravan compound. You need at least 310 attendees to break Pandi’s records.

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