Equestrian Sport Industry is on the Rise in China

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China’s equestrian, Alex Hua Tian, has the 2016 Brazil Olympics in his mind. Tian is 26 years old has recently been reminiscing of his time at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During the Beijing Olympics, Tian competed as China’s first and only Olympic equestrian. His horse threw him to the ground which resulted in a loss.

Tian was ecstatic to be in the Olympics in the first place, but then all his excitement was deflated after he fell off his horse.

Reuters spoke with Tian at a trials event earlier this month.

“It was a real heartbreaking moment personally,” Tian said. Although he was devastated after 2008, he was determined to not let that event be the end of his equestrian legacy. He was humble in his defeat, and gathered enough strength to continue to work toward his goal.

Eight years later, Tian has gold in his sights.

He was a pro equestrian at an early age and attended the prestigious Eton College independent boys’ school close to London. A school that has generated nearly 20 British prime ministers throughout its time.

Tian’s mother, worked with the Beijing bid committee to help him achieve his goals. The property mogul, Jiang Fengcan, also contributed nearly all the financing Tian could’ve ever needed.

The equestrian industry in China has struggled for decades, but Tian hopes to change that with his recent success. He looks at himself as more of a trailblazer for the industry, rather than just expecting gold medals. His main goal is to help expand the sport in China.

Tian states that he is hoping to teach people in China “that there is far more depth to the sport that just performance and success.”

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