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3 Myths Surrounding Retirement Communities, Debunked

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The average age of retirement in the United States is age 63. With the baby boomer generation slowly but surely reaching retirement age, more and more people in the U.S. will be in need of assisted living care.
But for many elderly individuals, it is difficult to admit that it’s time to enter elder housing. It often represents a large phase of giving up on past lifestyles and settling into what might be the final resting phase.
However, retirement homes are not what you think they are. Rather, they are wonderful places for elderly individuals to spend their time and receive the care they need and deserve.
Check out these 3 myths surrounding retirement homes that might surprise you:

Myth 1: You lose all independence at retirement homes.
Many enter assisted living facilities because they are no longer able to complete day to day tasks. For these individuals, adult communities offer round the clock assistance from senior care professionals. However, this is not always the case. For individuals that want more independence, retirement facilities offer the convenience and benefit of care without having to depend on it.

Myth 2: Retirement facilities are lonely.
While many are under the impression that senior living communities are isolating and lonely places, many seniors find that they have more friends then ever, as they are suddenly surrounded by individuals that are not only their age, but have common experiences and life situations. This common ground can lead to previous bonds that will carry through for the rest of their lives.

Myth 3: Retirement facilities are boring.
Many seniors fear that once they enter a senior home, they will lose grasp of all of the hobbies they once loved. Fortunately, most senior facilities offer the exact opposite. Many homes offer a calendar of events and activities that help to not only stimulate the mind and body, but help make each day special.

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