Morgantown rental properties,Morgantown townhomes,Townhomes in morgantown wv Finding a Great Place to Rent Is Not Always Easy

Finding a Great Place to Rent Is Not Always Easy

Rentals in morgantown wv

Looking back, that first apartment that you and your husband rented was a fantastic opportunity. Although the corner house on main street had sat vacant for two years, it was just what you needed as you began your new marriage. It was located in a small town with a down town business association that was reestablishing itself, it had large front windows that allowed you to showcase your designs and vintage items that were a part of your growing online business, and it had large back kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms.
While you and your husband had plenty of living space in the back of the house that most in the town called an apartment, the front windows and room made for a perfect at home office. On top of all of those features, the rent was great. The landlord said that she would be willing to let you take discounts some months for improvements that you were willing to make.
The charm, appeal, and affordability of that midwestern apartment looks even more appealing now. As you find yourself looking at apartments or rental properties in a big city, you truly appreciate how simple that first search was. After those first three years in the midwest, you and your husband have moved from Boston to Los Angeles, and now find yourself moving from California to West Virginia. Turns out finding places for rent in Morgantown WV is a little more difficult than looking for that first honeymoon “home” outside of Omaha, Nebraska.
Renting Is a Great Option for Many People
For young couples who move often or for singles who travel a lot for work, renting is a very good choice. After the housing market crash in 2007, many college graduates are careful to not over purchase or over extend themselves on large home loans. As a result, renting is again popular, and because it is popular, in many parts of the country it is actually quite affordable. When renters eliminate the need for paying for home maintenance and upkeep, as well as taking care of yards in the summer and driveways and sidewalks in the winter, they see that renting an apartment or home is a sound financial decision.
Studies indicate that the average American moves about 12 times in his or her life. these same studies indicate that 33% of renters move every year. Finding the best apartment, condo, town home, or house to rent, however, takes careful consideration of a variety of factors:

  • Length and terms of the leasing agreement. The first thing any renter needs to look at very closely is the rental agreement. In some really large complexes, a contract may stipulate that renters need to stay for a year. Other terms allow for a renter to reevaluate their contract every six months.
  • Rent increases. One disadvantage to a leasing or rental contract that is reevaluated every six months or a year is that the landlord also has the opportunity to increase rent. On the other hand, some longer term rental agreements say in the contract that the current rent price is in effect the entire length of the agreement. It is important to understand when and how often the lease allows the landlord to change your rent payment price.
  • Deposits. Some properties waive their deposits for renters with a very good history. Others, charge deposits that are equal to or exceed the amount of monthly rent charges. It is important to understand what the perimeters are for the deposits. Will you be able to get the entire amount back if you stay the length of the agreement and do not cause any major damage?
  • Maintenance response. Many apartments look great on the tour. A fresh coat of paint and new or cleaned carpet can be very impressive. It is important, however, that renters know that any future maintenance issues will be remedied in a timely manner. While asking the landlord this question may give you an indication of how they respond to maintenance issues, getting the chance to visit with other residents might be the better choice. someone who has lived in an apartment complex for five years knows how the landlord handles problems that need to be fixed.

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