5 Steps to Starting Up a Cattle Ranch

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Raising cattle is a very unique kind of lifestyle and career choice. You have to make sure you have the personality and character than can really make a cattle ranch grow. While it can be a financial beneficial decision when done correctly, it can also be devastating to a person if it should fail because of not being run properly of efficiently. Finding a cattle ranch for sale and starting up a business like this will change your entire family’s life, so it is not something that should be taken lightly.

Why Raise Cattle?
So, what are the reasons that someone would choose to uproot their entire family, find a cattle ranch for sale and start a venture like this? Well, there a several reasons.

  1. Selling milk is one. Milk just seems to be getting more and more expensive and a savvy businessman knows that if he or she can get in to this industry, there are a lot of financial benefits to it.

  2. Cow selling is another. Having an entire cow to sell is not just about meat. If you bread cows you are selling a dairy and beef machine all at once.

  3. Many people will raise cattle to show in fairs and competitions. This is a very small town thing to do but very popular in certain areas.

  4. Lastly, for personal use. Cheese, milk, beef and other uses for cows can really cut down on the grocery bill and well as all the preservatives and growth hormones that are put in our food nowadays.

Cattle Raising Start Up
Think of cattle raising as a business and you’ll be able to understand it better because that’s really what it is.

  1. Business plan – Start with your plan. What kind of cows will you raise? What type of farm do you desire?

    Start small. This is your safest bet because you can learn from mistakes without having to invest all of your savings and capital into it at first. A lot can go wrong in the beginning and if you only have a couple cows, then you didn’t lose to much. The operation will naturally grow and you will make more money and will be able to get more little by little if you do it this way. Just don’t be impatient and let the good things come to you.
  2. Location, location, location – The best cattle ranch for sale may not be in your area. You may have to venture out to a different city, state or even country to find the best land there is. You should look for cattle ranches for sale in certain climates, markets, and vegetation as well as land when looking for a cattle ranch for sale. Remember that the more population a place has, the cheaper the land will be because the best place for a cattle ranch is in a low population area.

  3. Type of Ranch – If you find land that already was a cattle ranch, that will be much easier for you because it will already have all the facilities and fencing that you need to start. That will save you a lot of start up costs. As you grow you can expand.

  4. Investment – Decide whether you will get a loan or make this a personal investment. More often than not, you will be required to invest a down payment for the land so you should know before hand whether this will be out of pocket or not. If not, you should acquire your loan first so that you know what price range you should be looking at for your land, leaving money left over for your product.
  5. The Cattle –
    Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Once all the location and loan and everything is done and settled, it’s time to pick out the cattle. It’s best to pick the land first because you can see which type of terrain is best for which type of cattle. Make sure your choice of cattle work with your budget as well as your goals and vision for the ranch.

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