What Makes a Neighborhood a Great Place to Live

Lifestyle in a new home community

Finding the most ideal location for you and your family to live can be a bit of a struggle. There are so many things that can go in to making somewhere ‘ideal’. We’ve all dreamed of our dream house and what it would look like and, how many bedrooms and square footage, if it would have a yard, etc. Even if it’s in luxury townhomes or low maintenance living; we think about everything. However, the ideal location does not stop with what your house looks like. Let’s take a look at a few things that put your dream house in the ideal location.

  • The first thing that you want to look at is school district. Even if you do not have children yet, there is always a chance that you may later on in life.

    Schools usually do have open enrollment so even if you do not live in the correct area for the school you prefer, there is still a chance you could get your children in. However, living in the school district for your chosen school is definitely a lot easier and more convenient. There is usually a bus that goes through the neighborhood so you wouldn’t have to drive your kids to school.

    Even if you are not ever planning on having children, living in a good school district can have its benefits. Living in a good school district usually equals safety which is what we will cover next.

  • There needs to be a safety factor where you live, whether you have children or not. There’s nothing worse than be wary in your own home. You want to know that nothing is going to happen, especially if you live alone. A safe neighborhood allows you to go out to your car late at night without fear or sit out on your porch. When looking to buy a new home, when you go to view the home, see how many children are playing outside of how the street lamps are set up around the neighborhood. These can be tale tell signs of criminal activity. You could even talk to the neighbors or do a search on the neighborhood to find out about the safety of a certain neighborhood.

  • This may seem like an odd one, but the direction the house faces is important. When a house faces north and south there is a chance that certain areas of the house will never receive direct sunlight resulting in constant shadow in the home. This makes electricity more expensive as well as being difficult to grow plants. On the other hand, a house facing east and west get constant sunlight at all times, from sun up to sun down. This can result in higher air conditioning needs.

  • Surrounding amenities are one of the main things that make for an ideal location. Not just golf courses in the neighborhood and things like that. I’m more talking about play areas for the kids, jogging trails, pet parks and even how close the nearest grocery store and gas station are.

  • Whether you have your own transportation or want, you will want to take a look at the public transportation situation. Having easy access to public transportation is a huge plus whether you are a retiree that just does not like to drive or a business man that wouldn’t have time for a car not starting one morning.

    This includes walking capabilities. Being able to walk to a nearby grocery store or restaurant can be such a great stress reliever, not to mention good for your heart.
  • Keep these points in mind and you’ll be in for a good living experienced in an ideal neighborhood. Along with your dream house, as long as you have a least a few of these points, you’ll be hard pressed to find something wrong with this particular neighborhood. Where you live should not be something on your mind. Your home should be a sanctuary and somewhere you can retreat to without worrying about the rest of the world. We have so many problems and stress in our daily lives, we shouldn’t have it when we go home to.

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