Alzheimer?s care orland park il,Assisted living orland park il,Senior living orland park il Decorating Residents’ Rooms in Assisted Living Facilities May Help Combat Depression

Decorating Residents’ Rooms in Assisted Living Facilities May Help Combat Depression

Assisted living orland park il

Although it is completely normal to experience occasional memory loss, such as forgetting to set an alarm or needing to refer to GPS along a familiar route, more comprehensive memory lapses could indicate a deeper health issue. About one out of every three senior citizens does acquire Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, and although early onset of Alzheimer’s is relatively rare, consulting a health professional to discuss memory lapses is highly recommended.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the top causes of death in the United States, and it affects women twice as often as it does men. Experts report that while forgetting the day of the week may be a sign of normal memory loss, having trouble remembering the month or year may be a sign of a more extensive problem.

People who notice marked lapses in concentration, orientation, or physical coordination on the part of their spouse or family member may want to schedule an appointment with a doctor or memory specialist. Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million Americans, and about 75% of the patients receiving long-term care in assisted living facilities have the disease.

After a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, assisted living may be a long-term solution for everyday care. Staff at memory care facilities Orland Park IL and around the country can be very useful in helping with dressing, eating, and maintaining a social atmosphere for people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Assisted living Orland Park IL facilities maintain a congenial atmosphere for elders and can provide social opportunities and memory exercises.

Senior living Orland Park IL — and senior living around the country — relies on committed staff and works with doctors and nurses who have experience in the field. Playing old songs, giving senior citizens the opportunity to dance and exercise, and providing each patient with the experience of being understood and appreciated is what generates a good reputation for senior care facilities worldwide.

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