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Learn 3 Essential Truths About Assisted Living

The population swells, and age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are becoming more prevalent. People begin to see another residential community setting, the assisted living facility (ALF). There are several facts about assisted living facilities. For instance, the facility combines aspects of both senior living communities and nursing homes.

An assisted living support is for residents who need help with activities and medical care. An ALF resident typically resides in a small group home or apartment with personalized services. These services can range from part-time support to 24-hour supervision. As many seniors choose to remain in their homes, an ALF is a viable option to care for their needs.

An ALF operates as a private residence, and therefore, there are no waiting lists. Many facilities offer amenities such as on-site beauty salons and dining rooms that anyone residing in the community can use regardless of whether or not they are residents. However, not all facilities are equal.

Some offer top-notch services at a reasonable fee, while others may overcharge clients but offer poor services. These are some of the problems with assisted living facilities. For this reason, when searching for an ideal national assisted living facility, ensure you research adequately about it.

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Assisted living and retirement living are one in the same
There are many kinds of housing option for elderly people. From assisted living centers to retirement villages, to day care for senior citizens, to nursing homes, there are many ways for seniors to live out their days. However, there is a common misconception that these are all one in the same, and this cannot be any further from the truth. Rather, assisted living facilities allow seniors to live as independently as possible, with the added amenity of 24/7 support if necessary from an expertly trained staff of medical providers. Unlike day care for senior citizens, assisted living is round the clock. Speak with a provider or doctor to see which living option is best for your loved one.

Assisted living means a lack of independence
The conception of assisted living facilities are often negative, particularly due to the fact that elderly individuals have to rely on the help of a caretaker to complete every day tasks. While this is a painful reality for many, receiving this help will enable elderly individuals to have more freedom to explore other facets of their life. For example, with the help of physical and occupational therapists, elderly folks may experience an increased ease and comfort completing day-to-day tasks.

Assisted living is a boring, fruitless existence
While it can be sad to say goodbye to the home and community you knew and loved, senior citizen housing assistance communities can offer solace in the form of community, planned activities, and events. The right assisted living facilities will offer person-centered caring practices, which means their approach will emphasize the personal development of residents through hobbies, health, fitness, and socialization. According to research, the happiest retired individuals enjoy around three to four activities, and the same thing goes for individuals in assisted living.

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