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A Fisherman’s Paradise, Now Accepting Applications for Home Ownership

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We’re taking over! Right now, Baby Boomers, those Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964, make up a solid 13% of the population — after all, there are 40 million of us. By 2030, when the last Baby Boomers turn 65, that number will rocket up to 20%. We love the outdoors, we have revolutionized music, literature and art and we want a relaxed lifestyle.

Right about now, we’re looking to put down some roots, find some great real estate for sale with resort-style amenities, and retire. They said we would never settle down, and we’re not planning to! We’re just going to find a safe neighborhood with recreational opportunities, located in a vibrant community with great neighbors!

A lakeside community with lake property for sale would be ideal. Retirement living at its finest. We think that good health in our 60’s and beyond depends upon being active. Moving into a new home with the finest fishing in the area, perhaps? There are worse things than having a freshwater fishing and boating lake outside your front door. Eight out of ten retirees think that great health is the key component to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and we think that they’re right!

Living in a planned community with ample recreational activity makes us want to ask, where is this paradise? And do they have real estate for sale? Turns out, they do. For some reason, taking part in three or four activities outside the home is essential to people’s continued happiness. I count fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing and fishing! How about you?

People our age should get about two and a half hours of aerobic activity per week — walking counts, fishing counts, even lifting some weights in the beautiful backyard of our lake homes, along with muscle training twice per week. I’m thinking…fishing. Buying real estate for sale in paradise, because we’ve earned it.

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