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5 Criteria That Will Guarantee You an Awesome Lake Home

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If you’re looking for a getaway or retirement spot you won’t have to fly overseas for, it’s hard to think of anywhere that can simultaneously offer more fun and relaxation opportunities than lake property. Lake homes conjure up feelings of classic Americana, but you might be surprised at how luxurious a new lakeside community can be. How can you find the right lakeside community? Here are five things to look for as you look at lake homes:

  1. Sustainable Building Practices

    Larger developments, in particular, haven’t always had a great track record when it comes to conservation. Luckily, that’s changing with many newer communities, and you can choose a space that you can fully enjoy — guilt free.

  2. Enough Outdoor Space

    Lake homes shouldn’t just offer indoor space and access to the water; lakeside living is all about enjoying the outdoors in comfort, and that means outdoor transitional spaces should be featured. And after a day on the water, what could be better than sipping a cocktail on the porch?

  3. Access to Plenty of Amenities

    The relaxed lifestyle associated with lakefront living can quickly be eroded by logistical challenges if the community doesn’t offer amenities on site. Not everyone is willing to pay for resort-style amenities, but you should keep in mind that the less that’s included in the community, the more you’re likely to spend making up for those deficiencies.

  4. Community Gathering Spots

    You might be looking for a bit of solitude by moving to a lake property, but that doesn’t mean you need to be completely isolated. A great lake community will offer plenty of group gathering areas that can provide a break from your privacy. And if you have kids (or even grandchildren who visit part-time), you’ll want it to be easy to find friends.

  5. A Unique Sense of Place

    There are lake homes all over the country, but your dream vacation or retirement home shouldn’t feel generic. Especially if you’re traveling quite far to get there, don’t settle for an area that gives you no sense of its unique history and ambiance.

What else should prospective buyers be looking for in a lake home? Discuss in the comments.

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