Common Sense Tips To Fortify Your Home

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We all like to think we are safe. Many of us will will do just about anything for that feeling of comfort and security–including lie to ourselves. We’ve all done it at one time or another. Maybe you leave your window unscreened in hot weather or opt for the cheap locking systems over the deadbolt during a repair spree. After all, you know everyone in your apartment complex and you live in a “good neighborhood.”
This is a dangerous way to think. After all, neighborhoods aren’t built “bad.” They’re made that way, a lot of the times via burglary. According to recent statistics collected by the FBI, there were 1.9 million burglaries perpetrated in 2013, and a full 59% of them involved forced entry. In other words, the majority of burglars don’t wait for an unlocked door; they force their way in. Below are some practical tips for fortifying your domicile so that you can truly rest easy:
1.Know All The Entryways In Your Home
The front and back doors are no-brainers, but not every point of entry requires a lock and key. Consider whether an ambitious sneak theif could fit through your laundry room window or storm drain, and reinforce these areas accordingly.
2. Invest In High Quality Locking Systems
That little doorknob lock or inside chain isn’t going to cut it. These make great secondary locking systems, but any locksmith in business will tell you that they’re inadequate for true home security. For this you’ll need at least an inch of steel between your door and the door jamb in the form of a strong key lock or a deadbolt, and whatever you do, don’t hide a key under the mat. That’s like asking someone to walk right in.
3.Create More Barriers To Your Valuables Within The Home
The bottom line is, even if you invest in the deadbolts and the local locksmith service to amp up your security, there are aways to break down a wooden door. What’s more, many burgalers do so in broad daylight, counting on the commuter schedule and peoples’ hesitancy to jump to unsavory conclusions to protect them. For this reason we also recommend having at least one emergency lock and safe within the home to protect things like tax documents, passports, checks, and other important identification. This is a good idea anyway, as a safe will also help protect your valuables in the event of a fire, flood, or a natural disaster.
Don’t just try to feel safe. Follow this advice and achieve true safety. Nobody thinks a burglary will happen to them, but everyone wishes they had taken more precautions when it does.

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