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Three Things to Consider When Renting Chairs for a Party

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By now it’s no secret that the world of event planning relies on party supply rentals for both pros and amateurs alike. All types of parties can benefit from good planning, and working with a rental company to procure party supplies is a great way to ensure that you and your guests will have everything you need for the big day. One of the biggest necessities for any event, however, is seating, and fortunately, renting chairs is easy, too.

If you’re thinking about renting chairs for an event, here are three other things you should consider when you plan your party:

    1. What kind of event you’re holding: One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the type of event you’re planning, and where and when that event will be held. A birthday party or informal event may benefit from basic supplies, and you likely won’t need any elaborate tables and chairs. However, a wedding or formal gathering with a sit-down dinner will likely need something fancier than a basic rental. How formal or informal your event is should guide your choices for the types of chair and table rentals you need.

    2. What type of chairs will work best: Not all chair rentals are created equally, and the type of chairs that work for one event may not be appropriate for another. Metal folding chairs, for instance, may be adequate for a family reunion or a more casual party, but for a wedding they may look too basic. Be sure to look into all the options a rental company can offer, and don’t forget to find out about other accessories, too. Linen rentals, such as chair covers, can really dress up any event.

    3. What other supplies you need: Chances are you need more than just chairs — and maybe event more than table and chair rentals together. Consider your options with linens, catering supplies, and even coverings for your event, like tents. If you’re holding a wedding reception in your backyard, for example, you may consider wedding tent rentals. Wedding rental equipment is often a higher grade than basic rentals, but it can give you other options that you might not get with other rental services. Sail cloth tents, for example, are considered an upscale addition to any event, especially those with a seaside or nautical theme.

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