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Three Perfect Occasions for Wedding Brunches

After wedding brunch

One of the best things about getting married is planning all of the parties and events that go along with it. Since you can’t go all out on each event without breaking the bank or risking over exhaustion, it’s important to try to make at least one or more of the events a low key affair. This is where wedding brunches come in. Brunch dishes are always a people pleaser, easy-to-serve, and the whole of the event can be wrapped up in one morning. Here are three opportunities to throw a wedding brunch.

1. The Bridal Shower
This is probably the first chance you’ll have to throw a brunch, and since it’s a small event brunch will do quite nicely. Since bridal showers are usually just the girls, invite the bridesmaids and any significant female relatives like the mother of the bride and the groom’s mother. A simple morning over fresh fruit, coffee, and pastries is the perfect way for a bride to give back to the ladies who all play a role in her special day.

2. The Reception
A wedding brunch reception is kind of a big commitment because you’re sort of limiting your ceremony and reception time to the morning. For some couples this works perfectly because it gives them the rest of the day to party with friends and family or to enjoy by themselves. Brunch buffets actually work quite well, since brunch dishes are easily made in large amounts. Additionally, brunch dishes are generally a little more cost effective than a steak or fish dinner.

3. The Day After the Wedding
A day after wedding brunch is an excellent way to thank guests for coming and to send them on their merry ways with full stomachs. Getting together with friends and family after the big day is also a much easier way to make the rounds and have a low stress interaction with everyone and make sure that you get a chance to see each guest before he or she leaves.

Do you have any other ideas for wedding brunches? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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