Donate clothes,Donation pick up,Donation pickup Clothes for the Homeless Helping Those Who Have Nothing

Clothes for the Homeless Helping Those Who Have Nothing

Helping families in need

Unfortunately, there are far too many homeless people in the United States — certainly more than the average person would care to admit. The number of homeless people in America are simply unbelievable. According to a 2013 study completed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are more than 600,000 homeless people in any given night throughout the country. In our cities and countrysides. On the sidewalks and roadways. Of the 600,000, about 25% are children and about 15% live together as families. In the richest country on the face of the Earth, more than half a million people barely get by, and live day-by-day unsure of where they will sleep or how they will be able to eat.

There are, however, ways to improve the homelessness and penury found in the U.S. One way the more-fortunate can help is by donating clothes to charity. Charitable donations of lightly used clothing can provide warmth and protection to the legions men, women, and children who need it the most. Most people — even those without a lot of money — have clothing they no longer wear, that no longer fit, or are no longer part of the latest fashion trends. Donating clothing in good condition, clothing with minimal wear and tear is the best way to ensure it will reach the homeless. By washing and checking your charitable clothing contributions, you can take part in the nationwide effort of helping families in need.

Donating clothes, whether it be a pair of gloves or a closet’s worth of shirts, pants, and underwear, can change the lives of those who, for whatever reason, cannot clad themselves. There are many different charity and non-profit organizations in communities across America that accept and eagerly want used clothing. There are even charities that are more than willing to pick donations up from the curb! So please, consider donating your lightly used clothing today. Clothing donations of every kind help.
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