5 Tips for Finding an Apartment

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In order to find an apartment there are many variables to consider. Here are few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect apartment.

1) Location

Before moving into an apartment it is important to know which location is ideal for you and your lifestyle. Finding an apartment near your workplace is a good idea to keep your commute simple and easy. It is also good to stay close to your family and friends, which can influence where you decide to look for an apartment. Decide whether you wish to live in an urban, suburban, or rural environment. The density of available apartments is greater in urban areas which affords you more options to cater to your financial needs. Because there is a greater density of apartments in urban locations there is also a greater diversity of apartment floor plans, making your choices cater best to your desired living space.

2) Hunting

There are plenty of resources available to you to help find an apartment. Whether online or in a printed catalog, when you’re first starting to shop around for apartments it is best to gather as many resources as possible to make sure you aren’t missing any potential places. While there are a lot of apartment listings online and in newspapers or apartment catalogs, not all landlords post their available spaces in them. It is important to survey the area you’re considering to move into directly either on foot, bike, or in your car. When surveying the area look for for rent signs. Many for rent signs will have the number of bedrooms written right on the sign, making the process less time consuming.

3) Budgeting

Find an apartment that is right for you and your lifestyle. There is no reason to try to move into a place you cannot afford when there are indefinitely alternative, cheap apartments available in the same area. Keep in mind that most landlords expect first months rent as well as a security deposit of equal value upon moving in. It is important to save up enough money to move in efficiently, smartly, and securely. Don’t let yourself get behind on living costs within the first month simply because you didn’t plan ahead of time.

4) Use Caution

Make sure to read the apartment lease agreement carefully to know what you’re signing yourself into for the near future. It is also important to be aware of the condition of the apartment during your first walk through. You need to make a checklist of things to inspect before even considering to sign a lease. Don’t let yourself discover a major issue with the apartment after you have already moved in simply because you didn’t inspect the apartment thoroughly before signing the lease.

5) Relationships

Make sure you are friendly with the landlord right off the bat to set up a positive relationship between the two of you. If the landlord doesn’t seem open to any positive communication, consider finding a different apartment. Having a bad landlord can make your life much more difficult than it needs to be. When there is an issue with the apartment that needs taking care, especially in emergencies, feeling confident in your landlord is essential to a positive experience in the apartment.

These are only 5 simple things to keep in mind when you are ready to find an apartment. Be smart about the choices you make when apartment hunting and remember: enjoy yourself!

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