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Are You Experiencing a Bed Bug Infestation?

Depending on the nature and degree of the infestation, getting rid of bed bugs requires weeks and months of deliberate, concerted effort. In an infestation, all areas favorable to bed bug inhabitation must be inspected to avoid future spread and bed bug bites. The input of professional pest services will be needed to devise the best way to get rid of bed bug infestation.

Pest services are knowledgeable in how to find and kill bed bugs. They will help to remove infested items in the home. Items that can be treated and recovered will also be separated from items that will have to be disposed of. A top bed bug treatment involves the scrubbing and vacuuming of affected crevices. A stiff brush is usually used to eliminate remnant eggs that have been laid in corners and cracks in the home.

If a bed bug infestation is overlooked, a bed bug bite could occur. Bed bug bites can cause a variety of issues, including allergies, itching, swelling, sleeplessness, and even anaphylactic shock. However, in most cases, bed bug bites result in mild discomfort, and treatment isn’t needed. Full recovery occurs within one to two weeks.

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While the idea of thousands of tiny bugs living and breeding in your furniture may seem like something more likely to happen in a third world country than a first world city or suburb, the truth is that bed bugs are everywhere. These insects have been reported in all 50 states, with one out of every five Americans having experienced a bed bug infestation in their homes, or reporting that they know someone who has experienced an infestation of their own. Moreover, because these pests are extremely resilient, they are impossible to destroy completely without the services of pest control specialists.

As most pest control specialists will tell you
, bed bug furniture removal and other anti-infestation services can require a great deal of work. Unlike a bee swarm removal or other forms of home defense pest control, bed bugs are reported to be the most difficult pest to treat by as many as 76% of survey respondents. The insects are most common in the summer months and are three times more common in urban areas; however, because bed bugs can travel over 100 feet in a night and prefer to live in people’s sleeping areas, they can also be found in suburban and rural areas. Bed bug hatchlings are so small they can pass through a stitch-hole in a mattress, and can survive several months without a blood meal. But most concerning is the fact that current bed bug populations are highly resistant to the insecticides traditionally used for their control.

Fortunately, pest control specialists have at least one effective removal strategy in their arsenal: heat treatments can kill bed bugs of all life stages, including bed bug eggs. Additionally, heat is non-toxic, making it a safe insect removal choice, particularly for homes with children or pets. If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, don’t wait to destroy these pests: contact a pest control specialist today to discuss the cost of bed bug removal services, particularly heat treatments.
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