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How to Prep For Kindergarten

In this video, you will learn about kindergarten prep. There is a kindergarten screening kit and how to prep your child for kindergarten. She goes through the kit to determine how she structures her classes, where she places each child and the pace of her teaching.

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The children will be between four and five years old. It is important to screen children because you need to build classes so they are about even. You want to see where to start the children. Each class is going to be different. Where you can begin your classes determines on the outcome of the kit. The way she builds her kit is by using a binder. The sheets go into the binder. The screening kit has everything you are going to need from handouts to the parents to the workshops for the children. Each child has their own folder. She has the folders in ABC order for when she needs to pull a folder. The parents sign up for times on an online website. The teachers are half-time over the summer and full-time starting in the fall. Not every teacher screens their kindergarteners. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video.

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