How Much Storage Space Does Your Family Rent?

This is the season of stuff.

As families across the country approach the biggest of season of giving, it is a little uncomfortable to admit, but we are a nation of more than plenty. ManyAmericans have plenty of clothes, plenty of cars, plenty of furniture, plenty of toys, plenty of books, and, more that a few of us, have plenty of storage containers to hole the stuff we have but do not use.

Perhaps it is the season of stuff that also leads to our need for small self storage units of large self storage warehouses. In fact, some of us have so much in our garages that we even have to rent car and boat storage garages.

The simple fact that the storage unit industry in the U.S. generates an estimated $22 billion dollars in revenue every year is evidence enough that our penchant for collecting stuff may be at an all time high.

Car and Boat Storage Garages Are in High Demand in Some Parts of the Countyr

The latest research indicates that there are an estimated 52,500 storage facilities currently located in America. Used to hold everything from tools and car parts to a large boat storage garage that holds a recreational past time that is only used half of the year, there are some who would say that we are a nation of excess. And while it is true that professional storage units provide customer with their own personal, private space to secure valuable vehicles and belongings, there is some indication that many of us keep buying more because we know that we have storage options so readily available.

There are, of course, some less judgmental ways to look at the amount of storage that the American family typically needs. For instance, in an effort to remodel a home many families will use a storage unit for the safe keeping of their belongings while also providing the workers with enough space to more efficiently complete the project.

Likewise, after a natural disaster like a flood, many people are able to salvage some of the belongings that they have because they have access to a storage unit that is safe and dry. Whatever your needs are, consider this list of facts and figures about the STORGAE NEEDS of today’s Americans:

  • Statistics show that the storage facility industry employs an estimated 172 thousand people in the this country.
  • There are an estimated 2.3 billion square feet of ready to rent storage space currently located in this country.
  • One of the storage needs that many Americans have is for car and boat storage garage options for cars and recreational vehicles that do not fit in a home garage.
  • Recreational vehicles, because of their size, can often take up a lot of space, and require a lot of maintenance if they are left out doors. Storing them in a secure unit, however, will help avoid weather damage.
  • An estimated 10% of adults in the U.S. rented a storage unit to store their belongings as of 2012.
  • Garage space in many homes is limited because this is also where families keep their lawn mowers, bikes, and many other items.
  • Every high quality storage units provides a great place to store boats during the off season, or when the effects of a major weather event threatens to damage the boat.

  • Nendless to say, not all storage units are the same, so before renting a storage unit, it is important to inspect the inside making sure it is clean and dry.
  • Estimates indicate that currently there are 21 square feet of storage space for every household in America.
  • Extra security is provided in many high quality storage unit facilities. With the use of electronic gates for extra security, for instance, a provider can make sure that all customer belongings are kept secure at around the clock.
  • Determining which storage unit is the best fit is often a matter of convenience. For instance, finding for a storage unit that can offer access to belongings all week, including weekends, is a great find for many individuals.
  • Storage units with drive up access are convenient for many people because they can allow loading and unloading belongings without the need for walking long distances or upstairs.

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